SkilledUp Life - 1/3rd off until 22/10/2021 Special Offer to Pioneer Tech Startups
Shared by manojranaweera · 20d ago · 4 comments

As a thank you for supporting us since 1st Aug 2020, we have decided to make a special offer for all tech product startups on Pioneer.

Those who sign up and subscribe to an annual plan get 1/3rd off until 22/10/2021. Our annual plans start from £300/$407 for Bootstrapped tech startups. Those who have secured over £100k/$140k pay more.

SkilledUp Life now has 1439 Volunteers from 62 countries. Our talent includes developers, marketers, designers, HR and more.

You get

- Unlimited Volunteer postings.
- Ability to extend 60-day auto expiry.
- Update Opportunities any time after posting.
- Shortlist Volunteers.
- Review Applications.
- Auto-collate Applications against Opportunity.
- Built-in messaging with Volunteers.
- Volunteer approval and rejection.
- Dashboard to manage everything.
- Advise on how to write best Opportunities.
- Full support.

We would love to help as many tech startups here as possible.

Please note SkilledUp Life is not available for software development companies, marketing agencies, digital transformation businesses, consultancies or any other service businesses. Only for those building scalable tech products.

Looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible.

kendsouza · 19d ago

Great job..looks like it is all coming together.

manojranaweera · 18d ago

Thanks Ken.

josephokafor · 19d ago

This is interesting. I am impressed. So you now finally found a good way to monetize the Skilledup product. Companies looking for volunteers ought to pay a particular fee for the maintenance of the platform. It's looking great already. Am very sure Pioneer has really inspired your project very positively, thank you for noticing.

manojranaweera · 19d ago

Thank you Joseph. We have had paying subscribers since the day we went live, i.e. 1st Aug 2021. Our focus on the first 12 months was gaining 1,000 volunteers. As we are building a two-sided marketplace, we wanted to sort out the supply side first.

Current challenge is to build the demand side without slowing down on the supply side. At this stage, I am more interested in having lot more tech startups on SkilledUp Life than just the MRR. Don't get me wrong, MRR is important, but if we could gain more companies quickly, then the compromise on MRR makes a lot more sense.

I think I saw you just dropping in. What's happening with When are you launching? What's delaying you? If it's the team, we got plenty of folks who could help you.