Two Product Hunt tips I've not seen anywhere else
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TL:DR; There's no Product Hunt support on weekends - be careful! And if something looks wrong, reach out and ask questions, the PH support team is awesome when they're there!

There's a million bits of generic advice about launching on Product Hunt. We initially launched yesterday (Sunday), but despite being #2 for the first 8 hours, we never got put on the homepage! Because it was Sunday, there was no Product Hunt support all day, so we were stressing for ages.

But it wasn't our fault, but a technical thing about how products get onto the homepage. After a few stressy Twitter DMs, Intercom chats, and an email to, Product Hunt relaunched us today. Here's what to avoid:

1. Be really really careful launching on weekends - there's no Product Hunt support to help you if things go wrong
2. If you're in the top 5 by total upvotes, but you aren't on the homepage - just reach out! Product Hunt might re-launch you, which for us has totally saved the day.

If you're interested, you can check out how we're doing on Launch Day 2: Electric Boogaloo here:

josephofiowa · 341d ago

We've (Roboflow) had the same thing happen re: a high number of upvotes without frontpage! +1 to writing support

michaeljelly · 341d ago

Yep it was crazy! But all worked out well in the end.

tosh · 342d ago

good to know, thanks for sharing this, kudos on being #1 today, upvoted :)

michaeljelly · 342d ago

No problem, thanks for the support :D just want to make sure Pioneers don't do what I did · 325d ago

Thanks for the info and Ehti looks good. I guess I saw Ehti early, but bookmarked it again. · 341d ago

These are great tips, thank you. To add my own: you can't launch the same product twice in (I think) 6 months. We did this once and got banned, even though our launch was going really well. It sucked.

michaeljelly · 341d ago

Oof yeh that's tough! It's a shame haha, as one of my friends said: "all you need to do is launch on product hunt again each day for another 24 days, and you'll have 2x more email sign ups than there are people in the world"

Already looking forwards to our next one in 6 months, I think if you have a new and sufficiently differentiated product to launch then you can do it sooner, but yeh they don't want too many reposts!

Really sucks, sorry to hear it man!

sam@novamoney · 341d ago

Thanks sharing these 2 tips and congrats for being #2 product of the day.

A couple of questions:
1) Why did you decide to launch on a Sunday?
2) Can you share what kind of traffic or signup spike did the PH launch create?
3) Where they target users or just curious people? (in other terms, what was the retention of that cohort)?

All the best!

michaeljelly · 341d ago


1) We had planned to launch earlier in the week, but it was my brother's wedding and it was tough to get things ready! Then we thought about waiting until next week but we wanted to hit our goals for the week.
2) We had over 1000 email signups from the PH launch, more than 700 people created an account, and we've had 18 people subscribe as paying users - so far 4 cancelled because they just wanted to unlock the rest of the app
3) I think a mixture, but the target users self-selected into subscribing! We're going to look more into who all these new people are!

mindaugas.galvosas · 342d ago

Thanks for sharing your insights and good to know it has been fixed!

fernandocordeiro · 342d ago

In my experience, PH support was very bad and of no help at all. I launched on a Tuesday, had the same issues and the most I could get from them were shrugs.

michaeljelly · 341d ago

They actually weren't super responsive, but they did do most things we needed. Shocked how unresponsive they were in all the softer parts of support - I don't feel well served even though things turned out OK in the end.

mattcrail · 342d ago

I've seen this happen with a lot of people's launches! It's super frustrating, especially for people who have done a ton of work to get ready.

michaeljelly · 342d ago

Totally. It ruined my Sunday for sure! Was just so happy to wake up this morning to the good news!