Top feedback in the Pioneer Tournament 11-16-2020
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One of the big advantages of playing Pioneer is getting a steady stream of feedback on your project from other founders.

Here are the principles that stood out to our team from the top feedback over the last week:

- Ask whether the founder is making meaningful progress towards KPIs.
- Put yourself in the shoes of the founder: How would you approach their challenges?
- Imagine you’re the target user. Would you use the product? What’s confusing?
- Tap into your own knowledge and experience. Is there anything you could share that would accelerate the founder’s progress?
- Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


This is a great project! I have been travelling in Africa myself and would definitely use such service in the upcoming trips. I suggest that you page could include some testimonials in the landing page and also some information about the team, which runs this startup - so all that gives a more friendly look when a potential partner or investor is visiting your page. Best of luck!


Good progress this week, make sure to keep on track with the KPIs and get them completed! OER Access button doesn't work for me BTW.

I'd recommend putting in a 'request access' form on your website. You might have a lot of users considering signing up, and there's nothing for them to do on the site. That'd be a missed opportunity. It's also not well illustrated what your concept is on the landing page, why not write something like:

"The virtual club, where you can play games, watch live stream DJs, dance, chat with friends!"

Hope that helps! :)


I really see the need for this. Organisations are too often completely insincere or cynical about feedback mechanisms. I would explain this as 'A system for employees to share thoughtful and constructive feedback with each other to help each other grow'. Some thoughts:
- For me, feedback is cooler than professional coaching.
- I'd be interested in whether there are any anonymous feedback mechanisms.

Congrats on getting compliance! What did that process entail? Who had to sign off on it?

What's necessary to finalize the talks with the liquidity provider? Is that something you can break down into more discrete tasks? Is that a blocker on everything else until it's done?

Launch day is coming up soon! Are you on track?



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