What does Frontier think about solo founders?
Shared by dhruvbhatia · 232d ago · 9 comments
Masa · 230d ago

I'm also a solo founder.
But I have a team, working with 3 members :)
Don't care :)

manojranaweera · 226d ago

Like your attitude.

manojranaweera · 231d ago

I don't know about them, but I am a solo founder - by design. My company https://skilledup.life - free talent for tech startups.

What really matters is the ability to execute and not necessarily how many people founded the company.

Obviously I am biased.

dhruvbhatia · 231d ago

Great point Manoj :) It's all about execution!

Sendoff · 223d ago

Have done solo and have a co founder for https://Sendoff.app and I much prefer having a co founder. Multiple points of view, labour distro, creative arguments, even just expressing concepts in different ways are useful. You do have to have a buck stops here person though.

coolwellnesscafellc · 230d ago

I started out solo for about 8 months. Now I have hired someone although I am still uncertain and scared but i have a physical location now and i needed more inventory and since my hiring I have been more constructive and spending my hours efficiently because I do not want to show disrespect to myself and the employee who believes in my work. Definitely need an employee or a partner when you want to call yourself an “entrepreneur “. It’s about the team you create that is most important in this game.

dhruvbhatia · 230d ago

Yes, I can definitely agree with this view. I have started feeling a bit alone as well as a solo founder. It's about the team for sure!

joncar · 231d ago

I think, that if you can't really get someone else to help you with your idea, the idea or the founder needs to find help! I think the more people you find to help with your idea the better. That's my thoughts on the subject.