Deals, discounts and offers by Pioneer startups
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Hey everyone,

Since both sales and money are among the biggest challenges for most of the startups, I thought it would be a good idea to offer our services with some exclusive deals and offerings for the Pioneer community.

This way we get early adopters, and founders get to try great products and services at a discount.

Link to startup deals

Add your own startup deal here:


PS - In case I have missed anything, please let me know via comments below. · 136d ago

Cool idea, would be even better to view the services submitted so far · 136d ago

I have edited the original post to include that.

PS - Direct link:

samuelailemen · 125d ago

I added a $20 credit deal on our Identity verification(KYC and AML) and number insight service to the page. Enjoy · 118d ago

Awesome! · 132d ago

Great idea! Just added a special reduction for Pioneer community on SimpleLogin :). · 132d ago

Awesome · 135d ago

Thanks for providing the list. We just added a 50% deal for for the first 100 pioneers. · 136d ago

Really love this idea. Unfortunately I'm in the automotive space, so I don't have any products to add! I will be checking the list though and supporting other Pioneer founders. · 136d ago

Thank you, Chris!

Maybe we can start another thread on what startups can offer and what they're looking for(connects, intros etc), what are your thoughts?

sam@cashcoach · 129d ago

Great initiative, I will soon add Cash Coach premium plans to the list for all those who want to gamify their finance (

gaberagland · 136d ago

Thanks, just submitted a 40% off deal for Divjoy, a React starter kit - · 136d ago

Awesome! · 136d ago

I can extend our benefits package for financial industry/fintech/gamedevs + standard free entry to Pioneers as well. We're still taking signups and getting ready to go again in 1-2 weeks if any of you are fighting game fans :) · 136d ago

Great :) · 135d ago

Btw I sent you an email. Zaner is still interested in you guys :) did you get it? · 134d ago

Sorry, haven't received any email from you(I checked my spam folder as well). :(

Can you please forward it again to


prvenkatesh · 136d ago

Posted the details, thanks for starting this. Kindly read the intro blog with same context as you mentioned here:

But yeah, you've to give everyone access to view the deals :) · 136d ago

I have edited the original post to include the link to all deals. Here's a direct link: