Feature Request: Frontier
Shared by JetBrains · 21d ago · 2 comments

It would be awesome to see the exact date of posting by hovering on the submission date?.

And there are lots of undiscovered gems/wisdom in the Frontier. I wish there was a feature of infinite scroll. It would make the experience of discovery more enjoyable and friction free.

Also, I see there are many interestingly good people here on the Frontier who are not that much active, and I would love to have the ability of poking or @mentions?. When we put @ with the users name and they will get notified? I want to see them more active and engaged as it creates an aura of energetic community which in turn makes me to push further and get recharged when I am down.

Pocket button? Sometimes you come across/discover/see a great thought here on the Frontier and I want to save them for future reference.

What do you think? Thoughts?

jackson · 8d ago

Thanks jb! Good ideas.

JetBrains · 7d ago

Thanks for the support, Jackson! Cheers, jb.