Podvertizer.com's progress update - October 20th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Podvertizer is a peer2peer podcast sponsorships marketplace helping brands, influencers agencies and podcast hosts to build ROI partnerships

What are your KPIs?
Sponsorship budget (our revenues = 10% commission)
Goal: $2000
New D2C brands interested to work with us by the end of October
Goal: 4
Finish the marketplace development, so we can start onboarding podcasts
Goal: October 30th

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

1. Outreach 50 D2C brands for 360 brand marketing services for Q4
2. Outreach 50 influencer agencies > offer podcast ads partnership?
3. Outreach 50 micro influencers > discuss brand offers/$ > posts tests
4. Outreach 100 funded companies > PR services

X 1. Next week outreaching > 1 brand onboarded
2. Outreached 120 > awaiting response
3. Done 30 > 5 interested
4. Done > 8 interested

$7500 brand-podcast interview deal (still in process)
3 podcast interviews

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

1. Outreach 50 D2C brands for 360 brand marketing services for Q4
2. Outreach 50 influencer agencies > offer podcast ads partnership?
3. Outreach 50 micro-influencers > discuss brand offers/$ > posts tests
4. Outreach 100 funded companies > PR services

What would you like feedback on from the community?

What is your Q4 market adoption strategy?

Project website


DesignForHappiness · 361d ago

This is awesome! I would be very keen to chat more and look for potential collab opportunities with you :)

This community for people looking to grow their audience may also be of interest to you in working with others to also collaborate: https://viralwegrow.com/

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

Sounds great! I've joined that community as well.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/nedkonedkov/ - ping me any time to discuss details on your case :) Maybe I can find you some smaller podcasts to start with.

WrkHQ.com · 361d ago

This is really interesting. Looks really useful. It would be great if you could see prices for each podcast ahead of time. I just worry a user would end up sinking a lot of time into different inquiries when they have no idea if their budget is realistic. I imagine prices would vary considerably from podcast to podcast and someone unfamiliar with the market would benefit from some insight there.

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

You are absolutely right. But for that step, it will take us another few months to get there as that is the direct relations & onboarding processes which we will manage half manually with each podcast separately. Then we have a marketplace module for them to list their offerings & pricing, which will be synched on the front end profiles.

recall.im · 361d ago

I like the great actionable goals, it takes grind to reach out to a lot of customers and hear 'no' a lot. I think what is missing is 'what you've learned' the last week. The next week's plan is the same as previous, wasn't there anything that would make you adjust your priorities? If you've found your path then great, but sometimes it might be inertia. Hope this makes sense.

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

Thank you! Yeah it makes sense. Thing is we need to build a momentum and focus on Q4 season sales, so we need to do constant repeatable efforts to gain initial brands clients product-market fit.

danielfergu · 361d ago

Awesome progress! I like how you get a lot done over the week. I think you are doing great with all that outreach.

I was thinking if it is possible to give estimation of listeners and demographics for each podcast. Like Facebook Ads. I know it's a huge thing to do. But curious what you think about it and if it is important for your customers.

My market adoption strategy is email and twitter for now (when I launch).

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

I absolutely agree. We will do that during the direct relations & onboarding processes when we ask the podcasts to list their audience & downloads details.

FynCom.com · 361d ago

I have a B2B lead gen shop I hired and am working with them to get my socials/emails campaigns automated.

collectour.co · 361d ago

I like how easy it is as an advertiser to reach out to podcasts, what is the average response time, and are all of those podcasts signed up for your platform? This seems like it could potentially be an interesting marketing opportunity for start-ups / small businesses that rely on FB/IG ads. It would be great if you can add some stats to your site about the effectiveness/ROI of podcast advertising.

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

They are still just aggregated profiles. We're in the process of building direct relations & onboarding processes so we can start onboarding few hundreds podcasts on a monthly>weekly basis. Then we will have their offerings & pricing listed as offers on the profile!
Yeah, that's a great point to build stats about the performance & ROI of podcast ads.

edropin.com · 361d ago

You are clearly focusing on reaching users which is fantastic. I would recommend having a few testimonials from customers on your landing page/having some sort of visual showing ads you have made happen. Tried your form out, it doesn't seem to do much validation e.g. where it said what is my budget, I put in some text instead of number and it worked...

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

Yeah, we're working on a few case studies and I will upload their results with us over time.
Testimonials are a great point and very simple to do! Thanks.

mwangazabidii.org · 361d ago

I like this great idea, keep on keeping on rising high as a star!

temin.co.uk · 361d ago

This week I'm releasing an alpha, posting it to the usual places and chasing organisations over email/Twitter. If I were to start advertising your solution is something I'd look into. It would be cool to have a summary of covered topics of each podcast to easily see if any really click with that I'm doing... but that would be really hard, and maybe casting the net semi-wide is better than trying to spear fish.

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

Aha, like podcast titles most used hashtags? That could be something very helpful! Thanks, I will brainstorm on that!

autobon.ai · 361d ago

Great progress this week! This is an interesting idea. How are you reaching out to potential users? Are you going directly to their social media accounts?
Its very tough to get responses. A lesson I learned from Josh Braun is to expect nothing from it and "go for no".

Podvertizer.com · 360d ago

Great points! Yeah, responses are pain in the a**, but you gotta dig a bit to learn to fly haha.
We do outreaching manually right now on 2 channels at least email/website>social. Later on will try to automate those.
I believe bigger issue is to find the most relevant users who already use influencers marketing, not the outreaching itself.