This makes the Startup process incredibly easy
Shared by CalebNdunda · 23d ago · 4 comments

I suggest that you look at this from a fresh perspective, do not think about your company. Think about what makes sense and how you would approach it if you only had 1 week. So here is the question:

You have exactly one week to build a billion dollar company. What would you do?

sole-fields · 17d ago

Open up a deli shop, convince an investor to pay for my company to go public, go viral on social media as a memestock.

alessandrosolbiati · 21d ago

one week? buy 50k USD of Bitcoins to buy some weapons, a small boat, and hire 5 Somali guys to go and hijack container ships and get a 5 million dollar ransom. Probably one of the best business models you can get off the ground in one week

CalebNdunda · 23d ago

Get idea basics- track down a co-founder - draw paper draft - make visual Mockups - find product market fit incredibly fast- make a landing page and domain purchases - conduct customer interviews - submit idea for pitch competitions - contact relevant investors - make a no-code MVP - launch - publish on major media channels - get beta users - conduct customer interviews - set up a location and get into business . Does this make sense to you?

Klog · 17d ago

This is wild, my man. Not sure how you could do any of these things in a single week, let alone all of them.