Don't let working on your startup keep you from spending time with people you care about.
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That's the post ^^

davidluna · 762d ago

I have a 6-year old that used to approach me with caution while I was working, and ill tell you the feeling sucks.
So I shifted my schedule and now I wake up extra early and go to sleep extra late so I can spend time with him.
The grind will pay off.

jornie · 762d ago

So glad to hear this · 762d ago

but do let your startup keep you from spending time with people you DON'T care about.

both are equally challenging! :-D · 762d ago

Agreed which is why being stuck grinding this for too long is cruel

razin · 748d ago

Thanks for the reminder! A few weeks, I wrote that I took a few days off to spend some time with my family for Eid (basically Muslim Christmas) in my weekly Pioneer update. One of the people who rated my update gave me feedback amounting too "no one will vote for you for taking a holiday". While that maybe true, it struck a nerve and I decided to take an extra day off :) · 761d ago

That's easier said than done. In retrospect I wish I could be in two places.

I love what I do, and I love my family. Both have a special place in my heart and life.

This lockdown has been a blessing in disguise, which has helped me connect more with my brother. :') · 761d ago

Does having a startup change who you care about? · 761d ago

Startups can be demanding, and before you know it, it consumes (most of) your time. :)