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we believe you won't find here any other project with a checklist as complete as ours.

but there's a huge drawback... read on.

i've been on pioneer for over 30 weeks, with different versions of ahoxus.org and ahoxus is my life style.

all without a computer. ahoxus have nothing to do with softwares, for now.

in the past, i've customized a forum software (discourse) for using it as a CRM. it was a big success on my tiny business.

Past projects
that successful project (from bio) was "your home". i was this one man company who would jig up your squarespace site for you.

the "zendesk" i've used was a lightly tweaked discourse (no code was hacked). add it was a great instance for...

Your take on Zendesk 2.0
... lol, continuing (again) from past project:

it should be integrated with the community. not just employees should be able to use it, but online volunteers as well, who enjoy your group!

and it should offer up to full transparency, in layers, for open source projects.

Looking for Anything others can help with?
yes, we need a team. or at least 1 savvy person willing to get their hands dirty solo. me and my consultants won't be able to.

but i'd take a week to try and get this team. we could use a good zendesk ourselves in the future.

i've been a coder for about 20 years (1995 to 2015 ish, worked with lots of "desks"), and i know a thing or two to guide the team there.