Company Registration in Nigeria
Shared by manojranaweera · 9d ago · 3 comments

Calling Nigerian tech startups here.

We are looking to invest in a Nigerian tech startup. We would like the company to be incorporated in the UK, which cost £20 max.

But it seems that registering in Nigeria is much higher and involves lawyers and various approvals.

It's easy if we could operate the newco without registering the operating arm in Nigeria, but presume that's just a pipe dream,

Any suggestion on how we could do this without spending too much cash, as we are only investing a tiny sum and I would like all the money except our subscription fee spent on building the company?

oh, by the way, the first Nigerian Tech Startup (not the one mentioned above) subscribed to our service.

edwardtobi · 3d ago

Nice initiative. Wish you good luck

manojranaweera · 3d ago

We are getting ready to make the investment.

What stage are you in? seems to be a very static web page. Presume you are still building the MVP.

edwardtobi · 3d ago

Yeah I'm still building