[Thursday July 1st @ 12pm PT] Get live feedback from Pioneer
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Rescheduled from Tuesday 6/29 to Thursday 7/1.

We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Sunday 6/27! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?).

Feel free to include links to screenshots, demos, decks, etc.

Check out the last one here.

alessandrosolbiati · 411d ago

theselfdrivingboat.com here! we finally found a nice pivot for "how to push our product into the world" like DG said in the last feedback video :)

We now do "carbon free compute", running solar powered computers on the boats.
How does this pivot feels like? What's the biggest risk?
https://www.hodlintheocean.com/carbon-free-ai-training (most common question on the carbon-free compute product are answered here)


manojranaweera · 411d ago

Looking forward to joining these sessions one day soon. But only after https://skilledup.life achieve:

1. 1000 volunteer sign ups
2. I get off my back side and fix all known problems since we launched on 1st Aug 2020.

Then happy to take on new feedback.

ptmn · 412d ago

I would love to hear from Pioneer Team about the landing page www.deepgratitude.tech Your feedback would be critical for the next version in early July.

Also we have questions about North Star Metric. This month, we have a surge of growth up to +80% for 500K volume without paying anything. In a dark age of finding PMF, we start to see some tiny light beam somewhere in the funnel. However, we still doubt a lot.

Should we build more landing page to have 1000 more in waitlist or drive 10 more qualified users to a beta product? Right now we are playing with small batches with a random ratio, however it takes awhile to have data.

manojranaweera · 411d ago

I'm looking forward to experiencing a surge like yours at https://skilledup.life. Just partnered with a job board, hope this would create the same level of traction for us.

rashmi_mahadevaiah · 412d ago

What should be the order to try PMF ?
---Professional sports trainers (will have access to their clients kitchen consumption data with their permission)
---Personal fitness trainers
---waste minimizing customers

Kiter.app · 413d ago

Hello DG/team,

In process of an SEO revamp we discovered two competitors (founded since 2020) building very similar product(s). Both have raised significant VC and have a wider range of offerings. Should we learn from what they have and haven’t built or continue to stay focused on sticking with our central offering. Do not want to chase features with limited resources. Would love thoughts.

-Peter + Andrew

visawire · 414d ago


I would like feedback on my website and landing page in general, plus the main page of my product.
Does it clearly portray what kind of service the product offers? Would you register for the app itself after going through this landing page?

Website: https://www.visawireapp.com/

App main page: https://prnt.sc/16sbhcr

miracleayodele · 415d ago

Hi, I will like any feedback and thought on my project called SellHustle (www.sellhustle.com)

SellHustle is an eCommerce platform that creates and grows online shops for modern hustlers in Africa.

I will love to hear feedback on

- the product page
- pricing
- and any general thing

A view of the dashboard https://youtu.be/PFODfMQocVs

Zoro · 415d ago

Hi l would like any feedback and thoughts on my project www.noworri.com

An Escrow payment for Small online businesses and consumers to safeguard their interests when transacting online


hugomontenegro · 416d ago

Feedback is always appreciated!

I'd love to hear Daniels thoughts on my current project, https://www.namy.ai/

1) Is the UI good enough?
2) The ML model suggestions will improve (I have lots of ideas for this). But AS IT IS NOW, do they seem useful?
3) Does Daniel have any other ideas to monetize generating names for something that isn't domains? Maybe babynames?



williamdare · 416d ago

I will a feedback on what I am doing

williamdare · 416d ago

I will like to have a feedback on the course I am pursuing

kriskay · 417d ago

Yes! I would like website feedback.
Does it clearly convey what the project is trying to accomplish and why?

AR app for organizing & annotating educational resources (files, code, links), then browsing them via a 3D data visualization.


Thank you!

murmurads.com · 417d ago

Would love to get feedback on my website: https://murmurcars.com

akk · 417d ago

Hello DG, Rishi, Andrew,

Feedback on https://chapterme.co website about the following -
(1) When you "Get Started" it takes the user directly to tool and not a form
(2) "How it works" section
(3) Pricing page

We are experimenting the app for short demos too. Would love to hear your opinion on whether its a good fit. Here is an example - https://api.chapterme.co/share/video/S8W30vleu8k

Also, we are currently experimenting with a new feature based on a customer request. Its called "Get Trailer" which is similar to paid New York Times article (read first paragraph for free) but for videos where visitors can view a video trailer (auto-created) and has to become a member to watch the full video. I would love to get some feedback on the "Get Trailer" problem statement document - https://www.notion.so/ChapterMe-s-Get-Trailer-919a95707e974923beba2377ff102626 (Demo - https://app.chapterme.co/trailerSelection/60c96f80e8eddfa5bb186560)

Final question - Should we double down on our core "Chapter creation" feature (not fully automated yet) and focus on getting to $10K MRR (for example) before creating new features even though they are requested by a customer who is willing to pay for the new feature?

adriankrebs · 417d ago

We would love to get feedback for https://reviewr.ai
- From looking at the landing page and the demo, do you understand what we're doing?
- Any pricing suggestions for a GPT-3 service like ours? We currently have subscription-based pricing that includes a certain amount of usage.

Elpis · 417d ago

I will love some feedback on our landing page

Elpis is a remote learning tool for educators with built-in support for live conferencing, payments and student management.

swarnendude · 417d ago

Will love some feedback on our website https://www.allrideapps.com/

A few changes are going on: We are coming up with improved pages for -
- product page
- features page and
- product-specific pricing, case studies and resources sections.

Would like to hear your thoughts on how we can present our two types of offerings:
1. Subscription-based offerings ($100/$150 per month types)
2. Solution based customized products (big-ticket deals - $25k+)

akk · 417d ago

The website looks very nice. I tried the intro video and it was long. You might find https://app.chapterme.co/embedSettings/Ts6ZaV0kEhQ helpful. It helps your visitors quickly understand your video and engage with it.

joannecooper · 417d ago

Yes please! I would love feedback on my landing page and if it is clear what I am offering and the advantages of joining. www.playiit.com is a site that helps keep you motivated to play guitar more regularly by playing along to songs that you know and love and joining a community of like minded guitar players and learners

akk · 417d ago

Hey Joanna, the website looks good. Its just that the video was too long. Checkout https://app.chapterme.co/embedSettings/fKw6wdDmQ7s and you might find it helpful!

joannecooper · 417d ago

Thanks so much that looks interesting.