Article -- managing your pschology as a founder
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Classic article. Given, the stress between choosing company layoffs, new dilutive equity and selling the company is a bit far out into the future for most. But the stressors are just as real on day one as they are year 10.

I'm wondering what habits you all use to stay sane, especially if full-time on your company today? And what's a particularly hard decision you've had to make recently?

Sal · 456d ago

(Can't say I'm particularly good at any of these. But I trust Stripe to be helpful....)

- Take a 3-5 minute stretch break. Give attention to your shoulders, neck, and jaw
- Put on calming music
- Change work settings
- Take a break and call a friend or family member
- Get up and walk around the block
- Close your eyes for 10 minutes
- Meditate or pray
- Have a healthy snack or spend a moment enjoying a hot drink
- Get up and splash cool water on your face
- Take a moment to apply good-smelling lotion to your hands
- Put a drop of essential oil on your wrist

Sal · 456d ago

The last two are particularly funny to me. This seems more like a list of super short-term band-aids, rather than meaningful salves.

I'd say the deeper your relationships at home, the better you'll be able to manage stress within the office. So focus on that!

jonathanrstern · 456d ago

In 2018 Daniel Gross gave a talk at YC called "How to Win":

- Sleep
- Food
- Exercise
- Mind
- Then, and only then: Leadership

jackson · 456d ago

Yeah this one's a classic. Love how throughout he says "you're not going to follow any of this stuff -- I'll just say I told you so X years from now."

How well do you feel you do on those first 4 things? Where I'm at:

- Sleep (30m-1hr less than I need a night)
- Food (terrible, too much cereal)
- Exercise (pretty solid, worse in winter)
- Mind (Good, though too much IG)

On the last one of feeding the mind, enjoyed this back and forth with Chris Dixon ( equating media consumption to media diets.

jonathanrstern · 455d ago

Wow Dixon and Gross. Watching now.
Thanks Jackson.

ptmn · 454d ago

Oh, Ning was the first case study of my competitor analysis nearly a decade ago. I still remember I skip classes and commute in 4 hours to work for free at a startup. Just to get a sense of what it was like in 2 years.

Anyway, in a 10 year retro, I just realize that simple task like writing gratitude notes is super helpful. However this practice does not come naturally. You might need more help. Join me if you are interested.

yussef · 456d ago

I had about $500 left in the bank. Monthly compute cost was just under $500. PT work accounted for my living expenses.

a) Sell the tech.
b) Insane product discount.
c) suppose I could've raised money,butknew nothing about that process

Tried to do the discount, but couldn't find a good enough market. Ended up selling the tech for SUPER cheap. Silver lining is the sale has allowed me to jam on a bunch of different projects without worrying about PT work.