Not getting emails regarding voting
Shared by ishmeetsingh · 10d ago · 9 comments

Hey all
This week, I didnt receive any email regarding how many times i was upvoted or downvoted. I've even checked my junk.
Has it happened to anyone else? what could be the reason?

rishi · 9d ago

Yes, we're indeed seeing some delivery issues! Working on it right now. You can still access your weekly feedback here:

Touchgram_Andy · 9d ago

Rishi, it would nice if we could also access the weekly up/down tally as that's only available through the email.

ishmeetsingh · 9d ago

Just for clarification, I mean the upvote and downvote results of my progress updates and not my voting.

AdrianEGarcia · 9d ago

I didn't receive notifications to vote last week, but that may be because I'm new. I see that this upcoming week, I have a chance to vote. I was pleasantly surprised to receive great feedback on my first update.

I saw there is a 200 point limit for back to back updates? Did you maybe hit your point limit?

Alex_Vizyal · 10d ago

I didnt get the feedback/reminder to pick the top three this week. Previous weeks its been fine.

krishan711 · 10d ago

It's wierd - I think people have been voting on others feedback a lot less and my points have gone way down because of this. Because I'm in the habit I still vote everyweek. Im curious if this change hits everyone equally or if newer / older projects are more affected because of who their projects are shown to

ishmeetsingh · 10d ago

I mean the upvotes and downvotes for my progress too. Not just my feedbacks · 10d ago

Yes im having this issue as well, and i think I didn’t get the new score I have dropped from 50s position to 88!

ZESHAMA · 10d ago

yep am having the issue as well but only this week