Who should be the next Pioneers - People's Choice. NOT a self-promotion
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My nominations. Would like to see others you guys were impressed by. More than happy to be beaten by these guys lol. A bunch of cool tech projects got picked last month but these lean a bit more on commercial viability / already operating with potential to blow up and fund future Pioneers.

Thirdweb (may just need to raise their prices)
InsuredNomads (Im friends with Safetywing guys, but competition is good)

Honorable mention goes to Erth which may be too busy doing their actual biz of saving the planet from e-junk and working with the UN to bother with this silly leaderboard thing anymore ;). Especially if it goes on forever to only end up with just cloud credits lol

AndrewJernigan · 184d ago

Thanks so much for the shout out for us!
I definitely think BrainSprays should be selected, and OrangeCharger. Very promising startups.

team@yomi.ai · 175d ago

InsuredNomads for sure! Bummed I'll have to miss today's call.

I'm seconding the support for BrainSprays.