Fitness Camera
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Project description:
Automatic exercise tracking using your phone's camera.

1. Launch Fitness Camera.
2. Put your phone on the floor against the wall, facing you.
3. Start exercising.
4. Fitness Camera counts repetitions for you.
5. Upload your workout to Google Fit (coming soon).

- Fork and build TensorFlow Lite's PoseNet demo for Android.
- Fix performance bottlenecks (more than double the framerate).
- Export recorded poses as CSV for analysis in Google Colab.
- Implement the repetition counting algorithm.
- Improve the user interface.
- Add audio feedback ("one!", "two!", "three!").
- Add count reset functionality.
- Add preview mode functionality (skeleton and/or camera preview).
- Record the demo video.
- Publish the Android app (APK file) for anyone to use.

Future work:
- Improve accuracy.
- Automatically classify exercises.
- Group repetitions into sets.
- Sync workouts with Google Fit.
- Improve performance (framerate).
- Overlay an N95 mask over the user's face (Easter egg).
- Integrate with Wyze Cam (RTSP) and Google Home Mini.

Team members:
Miguel Rochefort

Git repository:

YouTube demo: (skeleton) (person + skeleton)

Release (Android):

p_q · 647d ago

I built an IoT device for this for gym workouts. Always thought about this app idea, awesome work!

bionic-hra · 647d ago

Cool! Any idea to make it more interactive? What if the music adapts to the number of repetitions?

miguelrochefort · 647d ago

Now that the proof of concept is done, the opportunities are endless. I think music could make the experience better.

spock-961363 · 647d ago


michalsmialko · 647d ago

I've seen similar app on the app store and people really enjoyed it. There's potential here.

Brickenator · 647d ago

Nice coding!

amiya-98 · 647d ago

Nice idea!

nell-919336 · 647d ago

This looks cool. Is this done within the hackathon timeframe?

nmtan · 647d ago

Dang, this is great. I think I would pay for a more robust version.

deliverator-487026 · 647d ago

Thank god for this solution! As a fitness buff this would rely help!

david · 647d ago

Really cool! Wish I had an android to test this out! How was working with tensorflow?

miguelrochefort · 647d ago

Google's samples made it fairly painless. I only had prior experience with PyTorch and

kamesstory · 647d ago

great work! i love the idea and would definitely use it for group workouts with strangers in the future! · 647d ago

Interesting idea

gabrielenvienta · 647d ago

This is really cool. I love the idea and the project!

azwadabid · 647d ago

Good luck

mgg · 647d ago

Cool demo! And a needed solution for these times we live in.

worldwidekatie · 647d ago

Great idea and great progress so far!

pr · 647d ago

interesting idea :)

juliegoat · 647d ago

Love this! I've been doing quarantine workouts, and haven't been tracking progress! · 647d ago

Amazing! I have an fitness idea for you to discuss :) · 574d ago

Great demo! Excited to see if you do more releases!