3ideas - Get 3 startup ideas with pre-built landing pages every month
Shared by imrankhan · 34d ago · 6 comments

Get a head-start with startup ideas that come with landing pages you can use to validate immediately

beyondappearance · 25d ago

I have noticed 2 things on the website. the first is that it appears immediately $15 Subscribe and it is not very friendly. The second is that it doesn't explain what a landing page is.

manojranaweera · 32d ago

Nice idea. How many have you sold so far?

LinkyIO.com · 33d ago

Do subscribers compete sharing the same 3 startup ideas each month?

imrankhan · 33d ago

For now, the ideas are a common set. Later, I'll chunk it up into different categories like marketplaces, APIs, mobile apps, etc.