Tiger SaaS— Track all your subscriptions in one place.
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Tracking how many subscriptions can be hard. Tiger SaaS makes it easy to check subscription usage, lower your bills, and optimize your revenue.

Slack: Philip Sebastian

San Francisco

justinwei · 854d ago

Love this idea, would definitely use it myself! A little confused by the description though, as the google doc seems to track website usage not subscriptions?

mudaseriqbal · 854d ago

oh we should need it

deliverator-140970 · 854d ago

I would really need it!

braddwyer · 854d ago

Could you also track for our team?

bilbo-baggins-720839 · 854d ago

It's good idea. Very helpful to know what I did on the Internet.

gabrielenvienta · 854d ago

this is useful, I can imagine it as an app :) Keep building it!

michalsmialko · 854d ago

I think this could have much potential in B2B space. There's a lot to optimize there.

nell-633724 · 854d ago

Yeah. This will come in handy since I am overwhelmed with the number of subscriptions I have right now. Great idea!

spock-861686 · 854d ago

I love this idea. It's a personal need.

nell-182215 · 854d ago

Nice problem to solve for sure

mrImran · 854d ago

This sounds very useful

azwadabid · 854d ago


ek · 854d ago

this idea is good

platter.dev · 854d ago

Great idea.