Looking for product feedback!
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We are looking for a few entrepreneurs or teams who would be interested in exploring our financial budgeting application for their projects.

Please let me know if you're interested and I can provide you more details!

sam@cashcoach · 22d ago

Is it targeted at people who don't like spreadsheet?

bashirbashir · 22d ago

Absolutely! We don't like spreadsheets either :) check out this quick demo and let me know what you think! Happy to get on a quick call to learn more about cashcoach as well! https://youtu.be/CgsU0t4lSMk

sam@cashcoach · 21d ago

I love spreadsheet so I won't be your target customer!

bashirbashir · 21d ago

Thanks Sam!

manojranaweera · 22d ago

Link does not work for me

bashirbashir · 22d ago

Please use https://app.tryapprio.com/ to sign up. You can learn more about the app before signing up with this link https://www.tryapprio.com/ and provide feedback using this link https://app.getacute.io/v/apprio thank you so much!

manojranaweera · 22d ago

Google picked above as containing suspicious links after I rescued the email from spam folder.

bashirbashir · 21d ago

Interesting. We are taking a look at this. Thanks!