Does “Right” And “Wrong” Actually Exist?
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Food for thought. I wanted to share it with the community.

kendsouza · 12d ago

Food for thought or food for the gut bacteria who have enslaved you to get food for them and who send chemicals to your meat head everyday(and u think u can think:)). The concept called mind(it does not exist) through the bloated meat you call
the body(it does not exist either) created the concepts to con you into believing that you have some greater purpose. Not just right and wrong. no concept exists or ever existed.

The purpose of your life (another concept) is just input and crap, process it and take a dump everyday, so u keep the engine running for the bacterial life to survive. And reproduce more bots along the way:)

But if you want to participate in the system,the illusion..the dual world..then yes..all those concepts will bog you down i.e if you let it. We are all just bloated mass(accumulated from the crap we ingested over the years) on a insignificant rock we call earth and we will eventually rot, be burnt or become food for the worms. Sorry, the outcome is already decided.

Still, it is all good, conceptually:)

jb · 12d ago

Yeah, yeah, good stuff. :) And maybe a correct analogy. But the way you depict it turns me off a lot. Haha :)

But I prefer these ways of looking at/attitudes towards life.

See this: and this:

"Ultimately, the whole universe will be shaped by the human mind. "
David Deutsch says, "Gravitation and antimatter might only shape the universe at its earliest least interesting stages, but eventually the whole entire thing will be subject to the intent of substrate-independent infinitely more powerful minds."

Do you see how powerful the concept of this is? :)

kendsouza · 11d ago

Whatever you quote or whoever you quote from is still made up of concepts. It is all wrapped up in silly words, words we made up. The more you consume these folks the more you get trapped in their ignorance.

2 +2 = 4 was never true because 0.0001...never ends in 1. We just created the silly math. But in reality there is no 2 of anything. Nothing measures up, never will. Everything is unique and infinite.

There are many trillions of lifeforms within you ...cells, microbes etc living and dying every moment. So you can never addup to 1 entity (what is you anyway?). You can call it bloated meat, body, mind, jb, james bond. american, african, human, god etc..whatever you think is true in your silly mind, yet it is not false either.

You are not in the are the matrix.

But hey.maybe I did not mean to give you a glimpse of the red pill or maybe I am just messing with u:).. don't have to chase any rabbits down a hole.... go get a beer, get laid, smoke some weed and stay with the blue pill:)

jb · 11d ago

Makes sense, Ken!. :)

But it is my sense of inexhaustible curiosity holding my mind at the state of unrest...

kendsouza · 10d ago

Stop seeking and u will be at rest. Not saying stop doing what you are doing.
Just do your action whatever it is in the now without worrying about the outcome.
You have absolutely no control on the outcome(like death:)) anyway.