Estimate CAC
Shared by andriabeal · 24d ago · 7 comments

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or resources that could help me estimate what my customer acquisition cost for a social media campaign to reach pet parents could be... is this possible to do? I understand that this would only be a rough estimate. Thanks!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 21d ago

Can you position it around making the decision to buy pet health care? (Yes, that's a very first world problem but that's your demographic.)

Our 18yo dog sadly had to be put to sleep a couple of weeks ago, very tough decision but he was declining rapidly. We got caught out by the pet health insurance company changing policies 3 years earlier, missed a physical letter warning us of the change. They capped vet visits at a level that was about 2 visits per year, so making much of the coverage meaningless unless for a major incident.

andriabeal · 20d ago

Sorry for your loss, those decisions are never easy.

As for your question, I'm curious what you mean exactly... would you mind sending me an email to connect so I can learn more? ->

AndyDent-Touchgram · 14d ago

Sorry for my lack of clarity - I missed the crucial word "insurance" in the first sentence and it may have made more sense.

I thought as you're providing more information about the likely age and possibly chance of illness, that it could help people decide if they are going to buy expensive health care insurance for their pet.

andriabeal · 13d ago

Got it! Thanks for the feedback, I emailed you back as well!