When do you come out of beta and start charging people for your product?
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kendsouza · 7d ago

The proper question to ask of the crowd here would be ..will they be willing to pay for it based on what they see. I did take a quick look and the entire thing about linked notes was lost on me.
If folks do not see value..you ain't getting paid..as simple as that. The best option for you right now is to keep it free and see if you attract any users.
I started with notion.so for notes for free and now use their paid version for my team. The value of that product for me exceeds the amount I pay for it.

manojranaweera · 6d ago

I opened an account and could not understand how to use it.

Duoiba.com · 7d ago

We used a strategy that worked for us from day one.


Just thing creatively.

Masa · 7d ago

It depends on your strategy, I supposed.
It would have conflicts very often - User acquisition vs Monetization.

andrew-miit.co · 7d ago

As soon as they are willing to pay.

simplehuman.email · 7d ago

haha, the follow up question is - how do you know they are willing to pay? Some might be, some may not be.
What is the right price point to go with initially.

Any personal experiences and anecdotes would be helpful :)

andrew-miit.co · 7d ago

Give them two options, one for free so you're not burning potential customers and one low one with maybe one or two extra features. Personally, if I really love something I'll subscribe to the lowest tier even if the free tier is sufficient just to show support - as long as it's not too much.

nakulverma · 7d ago

Instead of giving a free plan, we used the pay as you go plan in the beta and charged our customers a commission for their sales from day 1 and it has worked fairly well.

Again, we are working in an established categories and are selling to small businesses where customers are already used to spending money but I assume it's much harder in B2C/new product segments.