The best ways to start a newsletter
Shared by sonerhaci · 404d ago · 7 comments

We are starting a newsletter focused on Health Care and the developments in health care also update on our technology.
What are the best ways to grow the subscribers?
Do you think email scrap platforms are good for it?

alexgreene · 402d ago

Find readers who you can connect with on a personal level. Friends, family, colleagues. Spend the time speaking with people, even just for one subscriber at a time. It's much more satisfying to have readers who care about what you're saying than just a bunch of email addresses on a list.

Sal · 399d ago

+1! So true.

sonerhaci · 402d ago

great point, I will work on that.

Klog · 399d ago

Email newsletters, like any other direct comms from company to (potential) user should be as personal as possible, especially at the start. I definitely agree with others below, don't get more people on the list just for the sake of numbers. Use this as another means of getting closer to the people who find value in your company.

Also a bit of the Coca-Cola effect, if you can keep the content bar high -- more presence of your name in their day-to-day lives = better.

NFT-gal · 399d ago

I'm super curious to see how people starting newsletters via Revue (partnered with Twitter) end up doing.

benjamin_a · 403d ago

Definitely not. Grow your newsletter naturally/organically, don't steal emails that you don't have permission to use and will likely lower your reputation/skew your metrics.

sonerhaci · 402d ago

I agree I felt the same way about that option, thank you