KPI decision for a private beta app
Shared by arthtyagi · 16d ago · 4 comments

Hey, so I’m building Currently, we are in a private beta and our current KPI over here is “WAU”.

However, I think it’s not really giving an accurate measure of our progress since it’s fairly the same each week. We do have a waitlist so would it be better to use the number of waitlist users as our KPI instead?

braddwyer · 16d ago

I'm a fan of this video on this topic:

Either "weeks until public launch" (ideally start as low as possible and make sure it continues to go down) or "revenue" (even if it might be zero for a while, seeing that zero every week should push you towards making it "not zero").

John · 14d ago

Hiya! We're in the same situation. If it works for you, I think braddwyer's answer makes a lot of sense (also, the advice is from YCombinator, and Brad's track record speaks for itself!)

But just to offer a slightly different angle: we ended up w/ "% of users who'd be Very Disappointed if they could no longer use your product".

Granted, that's a mouthful! But I picked it after reading this blog post: (which is fairly popular in startup circles FWIW)

^ the author is Rahul Vohra, CEO of premium email client Superhuman (he also sold his previous startup to LinkedIn for $15m). At the time of the blog post, Superhuman was also in private beta and had a lot of the same challenges. I highly recommend reading it! (Pioneer's own Product Market Fit course is based on the same blog post too AFAIK)

manojranaweera · 16d ago

At the stage you are in, it does not make sense to monitor active users. You are on the journey of acquiring users. So use this as the key metric. This is what we are doing until we have 1000 volunteers at Without 1000 volunteers, we have no chance of having a business. All other metrics are secondary.

another-baggins · 16d ago

you could add the wait list number, but that wont matter if your users are not enjoying the product and using it.