I graduated Y Combinator last year, AMA
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yussef · 554d ago

What is the most undervalued YC benefit? Overvalued?

peerrich · 554d ago

most undervalued:
- partner meetings

most overvalued:
- hmmm tough to say. I'd say physically networking in the Bay Area. I rarely went to (founder or investor) meetups and mostly networked online via email intros. Which is why I think the remote YC batch is not a downgrade.

cjb · 553d ago

what were the most useful topics/questions did you ask partners? or that they taught you and continue to your new project? - carmina

peerrich · 553d ago

i think a holistic view on the problem of our industry and pushing us away from a "technical solution focus" to a consumer focus. also to keep burn incredibly low and only raise if you really need to

krcnow · 553d ago

Is YC's acceptance rate, process affected as much as the rest of the world due to COVID?

peerrich · 553d ago

Not really. I doubt the acceptance rate changed. What has changed is that the batch is running remote right now, not sure when it'll comeback to in-person.

diegomiranda · 554d ago

What are you building now?

peerrich · 554d ago

Bookaycteam.com which soon rebrands to leanhire.com

aaronggreen · 554d ago

How will things change now that Paul Graham, Sam Altman is on doing other things?

peerrich · 554d ago

both left before my batch so I cannot say how it was, however the current partners are all amazing to work with.

gabriel_paunescu · 552d ago

What was the #1 thing you didn't know before and learned at YC?

What is the pricing of booking a yc team?

peerrich · 553d ago

depends on the scope, project and contractor. definitely pricier than fiverr and usually targeted towards seed-stage or series A startups

gabriella · 554d ago

What's your company, and what stage were you at when you got in?

peerrich · 554d ago

It was Mage App Inc. (W19). We've been going for about 3 years previously and had to shutdown after 4 years due to COVID-19 and total fallout of revenue with no promised recovery anytime soon.

We've had some revenue, but not exciting and then did a hard pivot in YC (from computer vision for Magic: The Gathering to ecommerce marketplace for Magic: The Gathering).

plasticscore.co · 554d ago

How were you able to reach a critical mass of users for the marketplace to be valuable? Paid marketing, referrals, events/networking, press, your own listings?

peerrich · 553d ago

We had a previous app that signed up a lot of users (single player app) and later introduced the marketplace. Later we used a lot of influencer marketing, word of mouth marketing and mostly social media

jorgegarcia · 531d ago

hey ! any practical list of points i should be completely sure to do before applying ? thanks a lot !

Aden · 534d ago

1) Does Y Combinator invest in startup ideas that are early stage, deep tech, but not fully developed yet?

2) What portfolios do each investor focus on?

3) Are there any requirements for post investment, in terms of first year revenue, profitability?

4) How many graduates of Y Combinator have gone back into another accelerator program and if so, why?

5) Is Y Combinator’s accelerator model more efficient than directly seeking capital from investors with an MVP at hand?

peerrich · 534d ago

1) yes
2) depends on the investor, you mean YC partner or third-party?
3) depends on the follow up investor, none for YC. becoming ramen-profitable is always a recommendation
4) I don't know. I also doubt a lot. Some YC Alumni do YC again :)
5) people do YC for a lot of reasons

Aden · 513d ago

Sorry for the late message.

2) Partner from Y Combinator.

5) That doesn’t clarify whether YC is more efficient than approaching investors directly - which one do persons prefer?

ptmn · 551d ago

Could you refer my company to the upcoming batch? www.blueskinx.com

Kravve.co · 553d ago

Why do you think they accepted you into YC?

peerrich · 553d ago

never thought about it. I could only guess

RoastClub.co · 552d ago

Please speculate.

peerrich · 545d ago

I think our market (Magic) was very niche, something they usually not get pitched (imagine how many SaaS / Devtools apply vs a marketplace for Magic). Both my cofounder and I are "hackers" from the very young ages and we love Magic: The Gathering which basically shows a strong founders/market-fit. We've applied with some revenue but also had a scalable business model and a decent initial market size.

That's my speculation.