Landing page views blew up, but not signups
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I launched a campaign for my product on various developer sites and I got huge page views on my landing page. My page was opened about 1000 times.

But the number of people who clicked on the "Request Access" buttons were only about 25.

Does that mean, the problem that I am trying to solve does not appeal to most of the developers or my messaging is not right?

I tried a few steps to improve the messaging yesterday.
1. Added a Demo video on the landing page.
2. Initially the text used to be "Make Terminal Faster" I replaced it with "Compile Code Faster".

What do you think about the problem that I am trying to solve? Is it relevant to you?
What do you think of Landing Page, Do you get an idea about the product? · 635d ago

I'm not sure why you experience such low conversion rates but here's some feedback on your landing page, I hope it will be able to help.
- The general feel: it doesn't feel professional, mainly because the UI is a bit awkward. I'll break down what I mean by that below.
- The first section is very very empty, only a video and a button. So the only info I have is the thumbnail of the video ('compile code faster') which doesn't really tell me what your product does. As a matter of fact I'm not even sure what kind of website I'm on, it's not clear you're selling software.
- Most people won't watch the video at first, you have to interest them enough in your product first.
- So: first visitors don't watch the video at first (too much friction) and don't really know what your product is ('compile code faster' isn't descriptive enough). So they scroll down to the second section, which is a bit chunk of text in a small font. They don't want to read that. Too much text, too hard to read.
- So they scroll down to the third section (the font is still too small). What you're trying to convey here is clearer (memory efficient, compute efficient, and fast), but I still don't really know what you're actually building. Because I skipped the video and the block of text.
- The video itself is a 2:30 screencast which isn't very enticing either.

Here are some advice to improve your landing page:
- Look up some other software landing pages and emulate them. You don't have to reinvent the wheel for your landing page, focus your innovation in your product. Think of 3-5 SaaS you know, take a look at their landing page and copy them. You can also use website builder services with templates, that'll save you some valuable time (webflow, wix, ...). Some examples of good landing pages: and
- Think a lot about your messaging, and try to be very clear and concise about what you're building. On the two landing pages I shared above, as early as the first section I'm very very clear on what they're building. I also know it's a website trying to sell me software. Here you can use Pioneer to your advantage, ask for feedback on wether your messaging is clear enough in your weekly updates.
- Clicking on the 'get early access` button gets me to a 9 questions form. That's way, way too much friction. Collect the minimal information you need, you'll do the survey later. Or better yet: get visitors to use your product without any form if possible. If you're really adding value they'll sign up anyway later on.
- Be clear on the pricing of your product. Is it free? If so, say it (and maybe address your business model, free products can make people suspicious). If not, have a section explaining your pricing.
- Your product is between the devs and the packages they use, a very good place to insert malware. So you have to address privacy and security. Is your software open source? If not, how will you guarantee to your users their security?

I hope this feedback helped. Your product seems to be solving a real problem, but I think can improve a lot on your communication/marketing. That's also a good news: there's lots of low-hanging fruits that once done will yield good rewards.

ZESHAMA · 635d ago

Great points, Completely agree with you · 635d ago

Thanks for taking out time and providing such a valuable feedback. I have recreated the landing page What do you think? · 634d ago

That's a significant improvement, congrats! It looks much better now in my opinion. Some feedback still:
- Keep on working on your messaging. Your first sentence especially ('Slow Code build, compile cycles taking toll on productivity') isn't very clear yet IMO. Know that even big startups constantly seek to improve their messaging so you're not alone in that struggle
- Make the call to action in the first section ('get early access') way bigger and with more contrast (a black background and white text for example). Also try to center it relative to the block of text above.
- Your FAQ link is broken
- Put call to actions in your pricing cards
- Try to have working links, like your terms of service, privacy policy and social media links. You can find templates online for the first two. Not much work and it's always weird to click on a link that does nothing.

As I said, great improvements relative to the first version. Keep working on it, your landing page is very important to have a good funnel start :) · 633d ago

Hey What do you think about "Hate to Wait While Compiling :(" instead of ('Slow Code build, compile cycles taking toll on productivity') ? · 633d ago

Hi! I would’ve not used the word 'Hate' at the place where users first see your page, it too aggressive and emotional. I guess we just don't like to wait for a long build, but it what we do and I don't think we hate it so much, also, if the build succeeds we feel joy so long builds are the dopamine source for us :) 100% it's better to wait less tho. I would’ve picked something like "Fly through your builds", "Compile your build in seconds", "Instant code compilation for productive devs" or something like that. Try to understand the true desire of your target audience - I think the desire is not a faster compilation, but reaching 'git push origin master' or see 'build succeeded' faster.
Hope it helps!

gaberagland · 630d ago

It could be that most people don't want "Early Access". They want to check it out now. Maybe try replacing the button text with "Get Started" and see how that performs. · 621d ago

I can try that, What do you think of the problem I am trying to solve. Is it really a problem?

gaberagland · 621d ago

It’s not a problem I’ve had, since my build times are pretty quick. Maybe reach out to devs working on open source projects where you know the build times are super slow? · 631d ago

I'd recommend checking out if you're trying to improve your website design. Great lecture by Gerry Tan! Good luck! · 630d ago

Thanks elias. I will take a look · 631d ago

who is your target audience? for eg slow builds are not a problem for me · 630d ago

I have seen people working in big organizations faces the issue, where it takes a lot of time to compile/build their codebase. My target audience will be the people who are working on big codebases or the individual developers working on old system etc. · 630d ago

Can you make that more clear in your headline and CTA? what tech stack, java? · 631d ago

Here are some things you should keep in mind:
- I would make the color of your call-to-action button stand out and different than the text
- Understand the sessions vs. views, % new sessions, average session duration, and pages per session
- There's no human element to it so they can trust this has been validated before. Do you have any testimonials or case studies?
- Do you provide support? If so, how.
- Most importantly, I would find a way to enable someone to begin using the product on the front page. People that build love their favorite tools based on how they use them; make it as easy as possible for them to test and use it. · 621d ago

Hey making it is easy to use the product on the front page will require a lot of effort and I don't know should I put that much effort into that or focus on something like getting a sense of How big this problem is? · 621d ago

Totally understand.

My ultimate goal was just to figure out how to get as many of those 1000 people as possible to starting using Stormy. Making it available to use is one way.

I have a quick follow up question after re-reading your update though.

When people clicked through on your advertising campaign, did they go to your home page or to another specific landing page only for that campaign? If it's another page, could you please share the URL?

channaranatunga · 633d ago

Hi Rahul,

Does that mean, the problem that I am trying to solve does not appeal to most of the developers or my messaging is not right?
- Have you tried asking a dev shop that does react or other dev work if they would use it?

What do you think about the problem that I am trying to solve? Is it relevant to you?
- This isn't a problem for me since it isn't relevant to me.

What do you think of Landing Page, Do you get an idea about the product?
- The landing page looks cool. I get what space your product is in. But not what it does. (maybe due to relevance)

Your tag line seems a bit busy. Maybe shorten it?

I hope this help.

- Channa

AdrianEGarcia · 635d ago

What is the traffic source? Sometimes I will get bot traffic from sites trying to advertise their "traffic volume" services and it sounds like what you experienced. If you had Google Analytics enabled, you could sort out the source via "Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium". If the source is something like traffic4free or whatever, it's bots.

If not, then I am not sure. However, you should make that orange button MUCH larger and make it yellow (just my opinion, based on some Y-combinator talks I've seen that mention that particular color as "eye-catching".

When reading the text, I thought that you might be making bash scripts based off of common strings of command line prompts that I have to use and letting me easily execute that. That sounded cool, but not compelling enough to get me to use. However, after watching the video.... I am not sure, but I do not think I would be in your target market as I am not a hard core backend dev. · 635d ago

ok, so you are more confused now after watching the video and looking at the landing page?
I am creating a cli tool that you pass your command to execute and it will execute that command on remote server and bring back the result.
Since I am executing the command on the remote server it executes super fast. · 633d ago

"Remote compilation for instant builds"

AdrianEGarcia · 631d ago

That's a great clear description, Thanks! · 631d ago

This is clear and nice. I will use it. Thanks