TheMall - Support small biz, shop with friends from home
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Project Description:
How can we translate the experience of going to the mall with your friends to online shopping? How can we experience the serendipity of finding cool products online with friends?

We're building an e-commerce platform where you can have a curated shopping experience with your friends! Tell us what kind of things you're interested in looking at, what kind of shops you like, invite your friends to do the same, and we'll take you through a "mall" tailored to you!

We'll take you and your friends' preferences into consideration, and create a curated list of shops for you. You will then be brought into a shopping trip, where you'll be connected with your friends over video chat. You'll be brought to the first store front and you can check out the store! If you like something, save it and we'll add it to your list, shared between only you and your friends. When you've decided you want to buy something, you'll be linked back to the product and you can purchase it. A fun shopping experience, supporting small e-commerce businesses with your friends!

We got pretty far with showing the experience, but have more technical work to do, such as implementing a place for stores to become part of our database and checkout for users. We'd love to add a feature for users to say where they are located so that they could surface stores based in their city if they choose.

We used: Node, React, & for video

Team Members:
Stefan Miodrag
Ethan Garrison
Julie Gauthier

Github Repo:

pkadi · 814d ago

Would bring back the old days of hanging out at malls with friends..

gabrielenvienta · 815d ago

Pretty cool idea. I am a more visual person, so I have to see how it will look like. Let me know when you have a website to check. Good luck

worldwidekatie · 815d ago

That's a pretty cool idea, especially if it includes Sephora and Ulta. That's where my friends and I are most likely to go on irl shopping trips as a group.

spock-961363 · 814d ago

Linking your app to instagram could go a long way!

braddwyer · 814d ago

I really liked the way you pitched this.

OneMoreCookiePlz · 814d ago

so what does the perspective from the friend in video chat look like?

nell-077457 · 814d ago

This is a great idea!

valm · 814d ago

Great job! Honestly i think this would be hella fun

williem · 814d ago

There are lots of people going to shopping mall before Covid 19. I think it will be the solution for most people.

nell-919336 · 814d ago

I see the potential

ramji · 814d ago

Really a cool idea... Great!!

nmtan · 814d ago

Super cool idea! Would love to try out the website, definitely missing something like this in my life.

nmtan · 814d ago

Super cool idea! Would love to try out the website, definitely missing something like this in my life.