Pioneer Founder Daniel Gross talks to Jason Calacanis
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This was a really interesting video and one of the few to better get to know Daniel Gross and maybe the goals behind Pioneer and what they like which imo need to be better stated. They should share this stuff when they do it also.

Takeaway Opinions and facts (looking for others)
- Very idealistic about the emotional support / reinforcement part of the community to take projects out out of hobby Git repos and scaled. Far less people probably need this than they expect.
- Pioneer is not aimed at "normal" people which might suck for those with perfectly fine "normal" or even unsexy SaaS / service businesses that are steady going concerns. I like the cool tech projects as well but ours business wise is also fairly normal and only the ideas are pioneering.
- Agree with Calacanis that Pioneer is very unique although flawed but has potential to be far more impactful than YC as we've said before.
- ISNT for typical Stanford grad, worked at Google/FB. wears a hoodie types confirmed. That's pretty huge.
- Only 5 people, also want to get their "fund unit economics" :D right before scaling up with institutional capital. Essentially a micro fund? $1m prize is likely unrealistic and a one-off · 4d ago

this is so beautiful, i think the problem with startups right now is that vc is saturated

jorgegarcia · 5d ago

at some point Jason Calacanis started following us at @nuboxz, i didnt knew about him or his podcasts so long story short thats how we found out about Pioneer, we really really liked Pioneer format since we are a remote team. Its really nice !

ptmn · 5d ago

Pioneer is like a secret chamber. Upon requests, it matches what I have and what is existing in the chamber. After that interview, Jason created his own demo day with a simpler version of Pioneer.

leandermaerkisch · 5d ago

This interview was the literal reason why we started with Pioneer. Incredibly valuable information (accelerators/VCs moving downstream) and Daniel's statements are very on point. Thanks for sharing it!

braddwyer · 5d ago

Good episode. I hope Jason actually joins Pioneer; would be pretty epic.. especially if he struggled to get into the top 50! · 6d ago

Thanks for sharing this. I'm a long time follower of Jason Calacanis' many useful offerings for the startup ecosystem and have never seen this :D

yeah Calacanis is known but Pioneer is not! that is also the downside of a new program like theirs. Techstars, YC etc have the benefit of years of fund marketing so you know what they are about even if remote becomes a necessity like now · 6d ago

:D I don't know if I would call that a flaw (downside) at this stage. For me it's a feature.

oh those werent the flaws I was primarily referring to · 5d ago

:D LOL Sorry. Please elaborate?

Blake · 2d ago

This popped up in my feed (was prepping for YComb application). I remember Daniel's talk being one of the more memorable ones at YC - it was the first I remember reading that gave some more or less concrete steps for being a startup founder in terms of actually taking care of yourself. I remember I had started a Pioneer account earlier in January this year but stopped doing it. (somehow I didn't realize at the time he was involved in it.) I'll give it another go as I happen to like his brand of Kool-aid