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Hey all, needing help with getting consumers but don't have an abundance of marketing money. Any feedback based on our website? Any marketing or funding ideas welcome. Our goal is to hit 25 consumers per week. Thank you in advance!

Guillaume · 33d ago

So nice website and I love the concept. I think you need pictogram[logo] with an good personality and that's right.

Starrrr · 48d ago

Have you ever researched if there are programs that offer grants or funding for female founders or small business/startups in your state / country?

shadesofnow · 53d ago

There's a newsletter popup on your website that is very distracting so it might be a good idea to fix it so it opens when the user scrolls all the way to the bottom of the page or something.

I think you might have some luck with influencer promotions if you can convince some vegan influencers to promote your business in exchange for 1 month of food. In this current economy I think most influencers would be more than happy to promote a business for free food!

I also think your prices are way too expensive but I'm not sure about the quality of your ingredients and what income range you're targeting. I just know that $600 a week is way past most people I knows grocery / take out budget.

Best of luck with Tulla!

marisacerett · 53d ago

Hello, thank you for the feedback & the idea! For reference our 6 day program is $400 and we often run discounts from 15%-20%. The pricing is relevant to the market we are in (Los Angeles, CA) as well as for the quality of the product (made with high quality all organic ingredients; designed by dietitians, doctors and chefs & includes supplements). Our target market is female professionals between 28-42 who make $75,000+ per year and want to take care of their health and look/ feel their best.

manojranaweera · 53d ago is closed for me.

marisacerett · 53d ago

Try again, should be open now!

manojranaweera · 53d ago

One of our customers I think the only one in food/cooking space among the 25.

manojranaweera · 53d ago

If you can afford £30/month (assuming you are pre-investment), you can assemble a marketing team from

What are your metrics rights now? What made you set up this business? I thought this type of business peaked out. All the best. · 53d ago

What have you tried so far? Often at the start there's a lot of calls, emails, drop ins needed to get momentum.

marisacerett · 47d ago

Hello, we have primarily tried email marketing, running ads on social & word of mouth. Currently thinking about running an ad campaign & working with influencers.

CarDataNG · 53d ago

I would be giving you a review based on my observation.

Your website loads well. No stress factor there. The first hero page is also inviting. CTA is perfect.

First issue is the pop-up. The white text is being blocked by the image at the back. Trying to read would increase a user's stress index so he would simply close it....or close the web page. Try and adjust the shadow elements to make the text legible.

Following your CTA, i get to a page that gives 4 offerings. Two offerings catch my attention; Weekly subscription from $190 and 6 days from $400. My immediate reaction is that why should 7 days start at $190 and 6 days from $400? Opening both links do not help me further. I believe the users might need some assistance here from you in differentiating the products as currently, two similar products seem to have a 100% price difference. needs some placement redesigns. On loading, we are greeted by a wonderful picture of a meal that makes the user hungry but there is no offering. The next hero; 'How It Works', is almost having a screen height with the few lines of text having a font size of around 10 pixels. The final hero , Tulla Three Ways has only two options, a call to order but no price.

+Your food pictures are inviting. Professionally done and perfect. Makes me hungry.
+Your about page motivates the reader to want to join you on the program. Good.
+Brand name is catchy. Perfect. Rememberable.
-Fix colors that are blocking
-Fix text sizing
-Fix app flow

Looking forward to more improvements.