Team productivity
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I'm using Things + a notebook to journal month goals + daily interactions. I started piloting Notion in the last months and like it, but have been hesitant to roll it out for the whole team. For the teams out there, what are you using to sync collaboration and tasks?

Slack (daily interaction )+ Notion (Wiki) + YouTrack (agile boards)

jackoregankenny · 12d ago

Only two of us, we use Click-up and have a 2 person whats-app group. Nothing over complicated just tracking of tasks and messaging updates. · 12d ago

We use Slack+Notion!

Aden · 12d ago

Asana and Slack. Works well with different levels of project output.

visionary · 12d ago

I use It syncs with Google Calendar and is a Kan-Ban Style to-do list planner.