Raised $25k pre-seed and launched on the app store
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Hi everyone, so it's been a very busy, but exciting week for me so far. First Elpis just raised $25k pre-seed to fuel early growth and further product engineering. Now, we just went live on the Android app store, with iOS version going live later in the month.

Thanks for all your support over the past few months, this means a lot to me as I'm currently just 17 years old in Nigeria and I took a gap year after I left high school to work on this, so I never imagined we would reach this stage in such a short time.

I would love your feedback on the app please, we are also releasing lots of updates later today. Download here:


kumar_abhirup · 21d ago

Wow congrats on this!!! U DID IT!!! As a 17yo founder myself, you inspire me!!! Let's chat sometime?

elpisacademy.us · 20d ago

Wow that's really cool, definitely interested in having a chat.

goodnesskayode · 21d ago

Congrats. Great work you have put in

elpisacademy.us · 20d ago

Thanks, really appreciate

Brainsprays.com · 24d ago

Hey, congratulations! That's an amazing story!

I downloaded and installed. Love the UI - Gave it 5 stars and full review (of course)

Have some private comments / suggestions regarding onboarding if you're interested. Just send a DM @brainsprays twitter.

Also, may have a B2B customer for you that's a corporate education company. They reached out to me and I don't have capacity for it but your product seems seems in the vicinity of what they are working now. LMK

Have a great day!

elpisacademy.us · 24d ago

Wow thanks so much, I would definitely love to hear the private feedback and suggestions from you.

Also interested in discussing more about the potential B2B customer. Thanks a lot, I will reach out to you on Twitter

elpisacademy.us · 24d ago

Twitter wasn't letting me send a message to your DM, I have no idea why that happened. Please could you send a message instead to my DM @nathan_nwachuku

alexk · 25d ago

Absolutely awesome! How can the Pioneer community help? Partnerships, more instructors?

elpisacademy.us · 25d ago

Thanks so much, I think right now we are just focusing on growth so that's more tutors. We are also open to partnerships too

inbalshenfeld · 25d ago

happy to explore partnership - we have customers :-) and we raised some funds from top VC so i think this would be interesting for you guys

elpisacademy.us · 24d ago

Awesome, you can reach me here nathan@smartworks.ng I will love to schedule a call with you, thanks.

Afriktrip.com · 26d ago

I am really gassed and rooting for you .
This is really amazing news

elpisacademy.us · 26d ago

Thanks a lot, really appreciate your support

manojranaweera · 26d ago

Congrats. It seems your product is focusing on "learning". We at https://skilledup.life focus on the provision of "experiences".

Learning + Experience = Dream Job or Go Freelance

When you are ready, let me know if you see a partnering opportunity. You might also want to tap into us to bring skills which are missing in your team.

elpisacademy.us · 26d ago

Thanks a lot, yeah I definitely see a potential partnership opportunity. Please let's schedule a call and discuss more, here's my email: nathan@smartworks.ng

manojranaweera · 25d ago

Emailed. Thanks

elpisacademy.us · 24d ago

I haven't received your email, please be sure that you have my correct email. Thanks

manojranaweera · 24d ago

Was sent to nathan@smartworks.ng. Please check your spam folder.

elpisacademy.us · 24d ago

I didn't see it there, you could try sending it again please or send to this email elpisacademyapp@gmail.com

manojranaweera · 13d ago

Not heard back after our call Nathan.

inbalshenfeld · 25d ago

this could be relevant for NickNack as well. would you like to talk? inbal@nicknack.app

elpisacademy.us · 24d ago

Yeah definitely interested in talking more.

manojranaweera · 25d ago

Are you sure? I can't see a synergy but happy to speak.