If social content design gives you headaches - let's chat!
Shared by martinsmillers · 168d ago · 7 comments

Hey Folks I'm Martins, founder of ADHAUS, and I'm building a design tool to simplify social content creation and design. If you are an early-stage founder and social content creation gives you headaches - I would love to chat. I'm keen to hear your frustrations on social content creation and would love to get your feedback on what I'm building. Anyone up for a quick chat?

Sandy-ONeill · 168d ago

What's the nature of the tool? Is it for video? cards? Anything? Sounds interesting

martinsmillers · 160d ago

Hey Sandy, I'm still really keen to connect and get your feedback. Let me know if you are still interested :)

martinsmillers · 166d ago

Hey Sandy, before I reveal it, I would love to ask you some questions :) Would you be up for a quick chat?

manojranaweera · 161d ago

Use Canva for knocking out images, logos, etc when I have to. What's the URL for your service Martins?

martinsmillers · 160d ago

Hey, my solution is still very much work in progress, but you can see what I'm building here: https://www.adhaus.co/ Would love to hear your thoughts :)

manojranaweera · 160d ago

Looks great. There was a startup like yours in London, who attended our Techcelerate Coffee events pre-Covid. But not using AI.

Slouischarles · 167d ago

Feel free to email me at movelifeco@gmail.com