Separate Rankings for Pioneers
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Why not separate Pioneers from non Pioneers? There is no way for others to get into Top 30 in regions let alone global whilst they stay on the Top.

Why not make it more exciting by creating their own Tournament here? Let them compete with each other.

I seem to float between 35 and 45 in European rankings. · 12d ago

A lot of good un-Pioneered teams sat near the top for a long time. And nothing has changed since they've been Pioneered. They still produce great weekly reports, that we have to match.

I think personally the Pioneers being there is great because if you do make the top 30 it means your producing as good as the Pioneers are each week. Same as in startup land, if your competition rases 100M they won't suddenly disappear. They're still competition. I fully agree with what Andrew from said, "If you want to be the best you have to compete against the best"

We're 9th (for the moment) and we've been higher, yet not pioneered and I like the Pioneers there near us. It's rewarding to look above and below and think "Our weeks are as impressive as these guys"

manojranaweera · 12d ago

Wow! 9th. Well done buddy. "If you want to be the best you have to compete against the best" very true. Right now, I am not trying to be the best. But once we get closer to 1000 volunteers on I will spend more time refining what we do. When partnerships open up, the fun will start.

Can you imagine taking almost six months to get 100 volunteers? In the first three months of, I got 400+ users. Back in 2007. We still got three days to see whether we could sign up the next 100 one month after. Just short of 24 at present. Let's see whether my colleague can do magic.

Very late here (3:15 am): Finishing off a financial analysis for one of Techcelerate tech startup. Good night. · 12d ago

If you want to be the best you have to compete against the best. I don't want to know where we rank against those who haven't made it, I want to know where we rank against everyone and I'll keep working until we get there.

The top assessed for Pioneer status already excludes existing Pioneers even if they stay on the leaderboard.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

Just imagine, all top 30 places are filled with Pioneers. Do you think others has a chance to get inside the Top 30?

Assessment is not the issue I am raising. · 12d ago

Yes I do. We've ranked as high as 8th globally and 1st in our region on multiple occasions without being selected as Pioneers. Besides that's not the reality of it. Pioneers slip up and down the rankings like everyone else. Only the best best companies are constantly at the top and they deserve to be there.

To look at it another way, there's only 170pts between us (currently 34th) and the 10th ranked player. That's not much and I'd like to think we could close that gap.

It's just my personal opinion but I'd be much less motivated playing in a second tier league. I want to compete against the winners.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

Fair enough Andrew. 8th wow! All the best mate. Go for it. · 12d ago

Don't get me wrong it's definitely hard to hang on to and we've slipped since then. It's a grind. And I know how hard you work so keep grinding mate you will get there.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

I may have to review all 20 thrown at me every Monday. Was doing 10 and also skipped a week once.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 12d ago

Your math doesn't add up - there are only 7 Pioneers in the top 30 in Europe.

A bit like Miit (not as high), by the end of the week my rank has often been in the top 50 globally but what I think is a more interesting metric is to go through the regional leaderboards and see how many Pioneers have a higher score than me. Because that sans-Pioneers ranking is what counts when it comes to being reviewed.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

I used to be so good at Math. I think the numbers have dropped recently.

richardolkusz · 12d ago

It’s an advantage to be matched against pioneers if they have a high score. If you get a upvote against a high score you get even more points for your own project. In addition, even though pioneers are listed in the top 50 they are subtracted from the ranking for considering new pioneers. So if there are 7 pioneers in the top 50 then the 57th ranked project is considered by the experts.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

I'm not here for the review. I'm here to hang out with other tech startups and refine my product. I just want to see whether I could move north.

yeah, like amateur and national leagues? or minors and majors in baseball?

Sal · 6d ago

On the one hand, I like the idea of minor/major leagues. There's good reason why that construction is a reality in every sporting league in the world. But I wonder if more teams would fall off and quit without that weekly carrot of being "so close, yet so far"? Maybe wrong about that -- could be the exact opposite.

Another reason why I wouldn't want to have two leagues is... Pioneers playing only against Pioneers makes for a less vibrant feedback system overall. I much prefer to be reviewed by / review a Pioneer. Raises my game. And if I'm reviewing them / getting reviewed by them, then I sure as hell want to be ranked beside them.

jeremyorr · 12d ago

I like that idea!

manojranaweera · 12d ago

No idea. I am not American.

jeremyorr · 12d ago

I'm with you on this mate!
But you have asked the question far less controversially than I did :P

I agree that achieved Pioneers add real value to the community but because they are not counted in 'game play', their inclusion on the leaderboards is just confusing and I would argue the confusion it creates has a more stifling effect on people trying to achieve Pioneer status.
I have made my peace that's the way Pioneer admins are OK with running it so meh but yup, I vote to move them out of the leaderboard.

I do think it's interesting that one of the common arguments used is "If you want to be the best you have to compete against the best." I do totally agree with that statement! But I wonder why they don't take that advice themselves? Pioneer (while not exclusive!) is aimed at very early pre-seed companies. I personally look to battle my way up the food chain to the very top, and I truely hope pre-seed companies are not my strongest competition in a years time!

So don't despair manojranaweera! Pioneer are finding great new talented founders and companies. It may take time but with a fighter's spirit you will make it one way or another! We'll work on them adjusting the leaderboards as veteran Gold Pioneers ;)

manojranaweera · 12d ago

I'm in total agreement with you. Phew! At least there is one who sees things the way I do! Everyone else has drunk koolaid in my opinion.

I'm Pre-Seed. Definitely not looking for investment. Just want to hit that No 1 slot. I was in Brad Feld's group. Managed to hit No 1 - by being the most active.

If I hit No 1 here, then I might spend more time on YC Startup thingy! It's rough out there.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

Just had a look at your product Jeremy. How's it going?

jeremyorr · 12d ago

Thanks I appreciate the call out. I'm pretty darn happy with the progress I have made in 4 weeks. Pioneer really has been doing exactly what it's supposed to for me, it's making me set goals and get actual progress. I'm about to make the real leap and open the sales channels, so I can't wait!

good work on your project, I look forward to your progress and growth too!

manojranaweera · 12d ago

4 weeks. It took us nearly 6 months to achieve the first traction point. Our KPI is no of volunteers and new signups per day. Took nearly 6 months to get to 100. Now trying to add the next 100 in one month. Got 3 days left including today to sign up 22 more to hit 200. Hopefully I will look back one day and think about the 6 month struggle and laugh off.

jeremyorr · 12d ago

you will have much different challenges and KPIs in your business than mine! looks like you are well on your way to getting a decent user base! · 12d ago

I come back every week for the feedback. The funding will be nice. Put every week - someone gives me a great insight that improves the product and how the product in presented. The people at the top, do give me something to aspire to. Its cool getting feedback some of them once a week. I think the game is great because every week, I can quantify my improvement/growth.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

I have a bit of fun every week by changing the strapline which seems to drive a few potty. Yes, it's helping me refine my product. That's why I spend so long here.