most beautiful app/website/game you've used lately?
Shared by cjb · 278d ago · 4 comments

beautiful is subjective, state why it was for you. can be design, smooth af experience, got a legit smile out of you, made you stop and think daaamn this team did good! etc. just looking for some inspo

ill go first, CH the seamless going in/out of rooms in 1-2 seconds got me wanting to fix our load times. Madefire, nothing fancy but they make finding my fave content pretty easy. · 275d ago

I still think has one of the best websites going around. Offers a lot of insight into how to do a landing page well.

For apps I think Duolingo nails it.

Jimmons · 266d ago

I've always found this site interesting: Great visuals.

JayLewis · 266d ago

Airbnb tbh, maybe too basic for me to say though.

I wonder if a sideways scrolling site will ever take hold. I know of a few design firms / individuals who go LtR instead of up and

Sal · 266d ago

So many! Actually just had a thread about this recently: