Which Paul Graham essay is your favorite and why?
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staskulesh · 83d ago


This one is a major driver for me. There is no substitute for time, there is no way to get more of it or trick the system. So much to do, so few active years left.

jonathanrstern · 83d ago

Reading now!

sole-fields · 82d ago

I know I'm cheating a bit here, since it's not an essay, but his talk to Stanford entrepreneurial students advising them not to quit school and become a young founder is golden:

» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii1jcLg-eIQ&ab_channel=HowtoStartaStartup

jonathanrstern · 82d ago

Hadn't seen this one - thank you!!

Sal · 82d ago

Yes, yes, yes. +1!

Afriktrip.com · 82d ago

My absolute favorite is: Do Things That Don't Scale

Jimmons · 80d ago

Couldn't agree more. My favorite as well.

shunyamada · 83d ago


Every time it reminds me how to overdrive the challenges.

sole-fields · 82d ago

Hadn't read this one before. Thanks for sharing. Comforting note, this one!

» can this quality be taught? After four years of trying to teach it to people, I'd say that yes, surprisingly often it can. Not to everyone, but to many people. Some people are just constitutionally passive, but others have a latent ability to be relentlessly resourceful that only needs to be brought out.

jonathanrstern · 82d ago

Absolutely a top 3 essay! Love that one