YC Interview suggestions?
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Anyone who's gone through YC interview here?
Any preparation tips?

gandalf-016894 · 295d ago

Don't get me wrong. I think YC has responded to a need to professionalise massively the financing of young entrepreneurs.
They hold the founders by the hand for all the pitfalls of financing. And give advice for growing.

Now, honestly, 15 years after is YC still as relevant ? I wonder...
Look, pioneer is much more disruptive in a way : we receive advice in things we have no clue. We give advice in things we are aware of.
All for free money, just from a few hours of our time each week.

When I see the recent videos of yc big names, I really have a sad feeling that they repeat the same things they said seven years ago.

Now the thing they still have is those 100k$ that give us founders. This gives us time.

I wish sometimes pioneer had more money to give to its choose "Pionners". Because if they had this kind of money, I feel they would really compete with YC.
So comme on, Pionners managers, let's have a take on YC !
Coca cola had its pepsi cola.
Let Pionner be the Pepsi of yc.

sonerhaci · 295d ago

I agree with most of the points, and I totally agree with your comment regarding Pioneers, they are one of the best platforms and ecosystems around.
I believe that YC and Pioneers are the best in their field, nothing to compare, I like your analogy ( Pepsi and Coca Cola ) :)
But, I think it is not only YC but much more the VC that are only looking at who is in YC or not, that is the sad truth, they even don't bother to look anywhere else, YC build up a really good community, and I think the ones that need to look on other platforms are not the people at YC but more the investors.

andrew · 296d ago

Sure, I've been giving out mocks for the last few years and went through YC in 2014 and here's some quick bits of advice:
- Give direct, concise answers and don't ramble
- If you have co-founders, make sure it's clear who's responsible for answering certain topics (product vs. technical details, etc.). It's ok if one person does the majority of the talking. The message being communicated here is that there's a clear delineation of responsibilities and a common understanding between founders.
- Think about the main points you want to make that is you or your company's X factor. Is it traction? Unique insight into the market? Your backgrounds? Mention those things.
- Be able to describe what your company does in a simple, easy-to understand way
- Communicate what the "big vision" is. YC is investing in companies that they hope one day can become unicorns, and even if your product today isn't in a very large market paint the picture of how you'll get there. I think it's worth briefly mentioning it early on in the interview so the partners have an idea of what this could become (one-liner description followed by the big vision).
- At the end of the day, the partners are evaluating you and your co-founders the most. That's what is most important at this stage.
- Practice! Don't do it to the point where all your answers are completely rehearsed and try to keep the conversation natural, but do a few mocks beforehand.

sonerhaci · 295d ago

Great, thank you for the advice

Ibukunoluwa · 295d ago

Has YC sent out interview invite to those who submitted an early application.

alexk · 296d ago

This techcrunch post is great! Expect also typical VC questions

sonerhaci · 296d ago

Thank you, that is really helpful.