Need your comments on new name
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The product is a tool that scans the cloud environments and infra-as-code temples to help you find misconfigurations and give you advice on how to improve. It works with any public cloud, such as AWS, Azure, as well as Kubernetes.

It used to be called: StackLint, however, I just found that there is already a tool in the same name to check the programming stacks.

So figure out two new names:


Lint and Linter have the same meaning.

Please share your thoughts on which name I should change to.

Thanks a lot.

Kryotech · 595d ago


DotDotJames · 582d ago

GitLint, LintScraper, LintVac, LintLeech, · 590d ago

deeplint is shorter; check short domain name recommendations

gavinyue · 594d ago

Thank you for all comments.

Go with DeepLint.

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Kareem · 595d ago

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ekhornung · 596d ago

I like DeepLint better.

Totibill-2019 · 596d ago

Excellent work! Congratulations!

gavinyue · 596d ago

Thank you. Still working on it...

Need to rename. So if you have any thoughts on which name: CloudLinter or DeepLint is better, please let me know...

valentineerokhin · 595d ago

DeepLint is better