An endangered species in the US has been cloned for the first time
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Finding this fascinating. Anyone know of any bang for buck resources (articles, essays, etc.) to learn about cloning?

Jimmons · 4d ago

Oh do I have an article for you:

In Argentina, they've been cloning horses for Polo for years.

"At first, many of Adolfo's cloned embryos died during gestation. But they refined their technique and now tell us they have an 85 percent successful birth rate and have not experienced any health problems."

"They can now create 100 clones a year and they're using them in Adolfo's already successful breeding business. They mate the clones with champion horses and sell their foals for up to $250,000. But they never sell the clones."

Sal · 4d ago

Oh. Okay. Wow. Rabbit holing on "Adolfo Cambiaso".

KaylaBens · 4d ago

This is wild. Unfortunately no resources for you, but thanks for the share. :)