How can I grow my Twitter audience?
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So, without telling me to go read X or Y (or telling me to post 3x a day) that I haven't got time for (you know, busy as hell...) what are some easy hacks to get (relevant) users quickly? Not looking for thousands, but you know... a few here, a few there. I know many folks here don't bother with Twitter, but I actually really like the platform so if it's working for you, how do you go about it?

WatanabeNaoki · 42d ago

Are you from France? Je vous ai suivi.

woutdispa · 42d ago

Merci! Oui, je suis Belge et Londonien mais j'habite à Paris maintenant. Tu es Japonais mais tu parles Français?!

WatanabeNaoki · 42d ago

Ah, d'accord. Oui je suis japonais. J'étudie et parle français. Merci de m'avoir suivi. #7 sur Pioneer depuis 4 semaines? C'est superb.

kendsouza · 46d ago

Twitter is good..for @runpto
I just follow PTAs and PTOs across the US as and when I came across them. Most of them have followed me back (975 followers). Some of them have become my paid subscribers.
There are 80,000 PTOs across the a long way to go. I need to get a dedicated person for social media:) just find out who your likely customers or user base will be and follow them.

woutdispa · 45d ago

Voila, +1 (via @BUNKAIdotAI ) ... getting closer to that magical 4-digit number!

manojranaweera · 46d ago

There's 26 from here on May be that's a start.

manojranaweera · 46d ago

If you want to engage with us (aka me), I'm sure I can convince us (aka me) engage with you in return. Sadly I don't do emojis.

zeynepevecen · 46d ago

The best way I have figured out so far is writing 5-6 post long threads. It doesn’t have to be too deep, if it has several emojis, useful and quick tips it works. · 44d ago

i just do regular like, comment, follow thing. get around 15-20 followers a day