What one sentence to describe your startup or project, so we can poke holes in it?
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Elpis · 172d ago

A remote learning tool that makes it easy for educators to run online classes with built-in support for payments and student management.


KaylaBens · 172d ago

This is great. I find this slightly shorter version a bit more compelling: "A remote learning platform with built-in support for streaming, payments and student management." The site looks great!

Small nit -- in the FAQ section, you don't need to put "Ans" -- it's implied. Cheers!

Gabi · 99d ago

@elpis are you still working on this?

Elpis · 99d ago

Yeah, but we changed the name to Klas. It's now a platform for running cohort-based courses. Our software brings together everything you need to run a cohort: payments, live classes, calendaring, and student management. You can learn more here: tryklas.com

Why are you asking?

kriskay · 162d ago

Your derscription is very clear. I would just play around with the wording a bit e.g. "Elips makes it easy for educators to run online classes through seamless built-in payments, streaming support, and student management tools."

manojranaweera · 172d ago

https://skilledup.life - Free talent (volunteers) for tech startups

sole-fields · 171d ago

Why do you feel you need to make volunteers parenthetical? Would either be strong about it or not mention it at all, erring 100% toward just being totally up front and unapologetic.

manojranaweera · 171d ago

I think we in the UK are always apologetic unlike the Americans. Not sure why. I'm actually Sri Lankan but lived here for 30+ years - only first 20 years in Sri Lanka.

Ok, here goes

https://skilledup.life - Free talent for tech startups

Thanks for pointing this out.

Kiter.app · 173d ago

A CRM where job-seekers can track their applications and get hired for their dream job faster.

sole-fields · 173d ago

Oh cool. This is pretty straightforward and solid, although I think the "get hired for their dream job faster" may not be necessary; how does it help you get hired faster? Just by being more organized, or is there an added layer that improves efficacy?

For some reason, I like the idea of a "reverse CRM" which is (kind of?) what this is?

What do you think of this: "A reverse CRM for job-seekers." Probably confuses things and boring...

Kiter.app · 173d ago

This is actually what we use a lot of the time! Or, "An ATS for job applications." Is another one we use.

Kiter.app · 172d ago

Credit to @daniel for our working that into the one liner.

sole-fields · 172d ago


Slouischarles · 173d ago

Check out www.tealhq.com

Kiter.app · 173d ago

Thanks for pointing this out! We hadn't heard of them before. Good to see validation.

Wrky_ai · 173d ago

Wrky.ai helps Startups & SMBs to enable a skill-led bias-free talent screening to build & develop greater teams. (www.wrky.ai)

sole-fields · 173d ago

Hmmmm it's just a mouth full as it is. Cool idea though and crisp site. I actually find the messaging on your site super clear. Feel like there's no need to improve on Intelligent Talent Screening, but maybe just me?

Slouischarles · 173d ago

It probably is. Sometimes I forget to put really put my feet in the shoes of the customer.

sole-fields · 173d ago

It's hard to do.

Slouischarles · 173d ago

For the landing page maybe, "Skill based talent screening to build better teams."

sole-fields · 173d ago

This is a great rendition. You miss the "GPT-3" // "Intelligent" aspect, but maybe you don't need it.

kendsouza · 174d ago

Management Solutions(SaaS) for non-profit organizations starting with Parent Teacher Organizations(www.RunPTO.com) and Home Owner Associations(www.RunHOA.com).

Slouischarles · 174d ago

This looks cool. Any traction? For the PTO can you come up with something better than "You care how you run your Parent Teacher Organization"? Like "Organize and Manage Your PTO better & faster with RunPTO" Start Now (No CC Required). The background pic doesn't really flow with the text but that's just me.

sole-fields · 173d ago

Yep, I agree that title could be snappier. I'd love if it was something triggering for the type-a parents who run those things. Something to really appeal to the helicopter dad / mom.

kendsouza · 172d ago

Thanks. We have 10 paid subscribers for RunPTO as of now. The intent of the line 'You care how you run your Parent Teacher Organization' with the photo of mother and child in the background is to connect emotionally ..the subliminal message being sent to the parent is you want to care about your PTO because the PTO activities are for your kids and you want the best for your PTO.

murmurcars.com · 168d ago

https://murmurcars.com Customer Data platform to bridge outdoor advertising with online

NFT-gal · 168d ago

I am vaguely familiar with your project. I believe you are giving advertisers access to billboards on taxis. Is that right? If so, I'd just be up front about that.

Maybe: "Create and manage ads on taxicabs."

staskulesh · 168d ago


True bonding for remote teams.

sole-fields · 168d ago

Simple. Nice. Probably the most succinct on this thread. Out of curiosity, how did you land on "True" as the first word?

staskulesh · 167d ago

Thanks. I thought of 'true friends', I guess.

jeremyravenel · 169d ago

https://www.naas.ai/ Naas is your data engine: access data, automation, and AI in no time.

sole-fields · 168d ago

What about "Production-ready Jupyter notebook automations." Is that a good description of the company. I do agree that the current description may be a bit too broad? (I'm also not a data scientist and don't use Jupyter so may not be the best to ask.)

NFT-gal · 168d ago

I immediately think of AWS when I read this description. A suite of tools including databases, automation tools and AI models to slip into my project.

How can you narrow the scope a bit? Seems like Jupyter notebooks play a key role in the work. I think it's probably fine to mention Jupyter directly in your one-liner? (esp since that technology is open source and not a competitor).

MeetBit · 172d ago

MeetBit is a scheduling solution for sales teams within your email workflow. It allows you to send meeting options and instantly schedule meetings inside the emails you send.

jun-s · 172d ago

Definitely can narrow this one down.

Keywords: scheduling, in-email, sales teams.

Output: MeetBit is an in-email scheduling tool for sales teams.

sole-fields · 172d ago

I like the keywords approach. Will use that in the future.

MeetBit · 171d ago

Wow, this is changes the ball game. Thank you very much! We might as well start using that as our one-liner from now on.

bron · 172d ago

"Your bucket list, gamified."


"Compete with friends to check off items on your bucket list."

McKayla-Berry · 172d ago

Interesting. What's the site? That second line is pretty straightforward and seems to encapsulate well.

Slouischarles · 174d ago

I'll start. "Move is a personal development company focused on 6 categories that connect people to the best products, tools, and resources for those categories."

sole-fields · 173d ago

Immediate thoughts are that you don't mention what the 6 categories are. If you don't mention them, are they actually relevant?

To be honest, I have no idea what the product is from that description. Is it a self-help marketplace? That's what I gather. I could argue that Strava, Robinhood and Calm are all personal development companies.

Mind explaining it a bit further? (the site was down)

Eager to hear! Great question!

Slouischarles · 173d ago

I know it's definitely vague so I'm still working on it. The categories are health & fitness, personal finance, career, business, technology, and hobbies. It is a self-help marketplace but with the best products that give tangible results in those categories and subcategories.

The problem I'm trying to solve is people don't know how to improve their lives.

sole-fields · 173d ago

Cool. The immediate line that comes to mind is "All-in-one self-help marketplace."

Slouischarles · 173d ago

I'm trying to stay away from "self-help" plus putting an emphasis on community. My vision is a community of people who want to improve themselves and/or help others do the same.

sole-fields · 173d ago

I agree.. self-help doesn't have the most exciting connotations. I do think "personal development" is a little too vague though?

Maybe "All-in-one personal growth marketplace." Still don't love it..

Slouischarles · 173d ago

ha ha. I know. It's a work in progress

alhansattechnologies · 139d ago

We make digital certificates a breeze to build, deliver, share and verify - allowing organizations to simplify integration and automation, employers to verify the legitimacy and learners to share their achievements with the world.


antonio · 150d ago

Discover first-hand experiences, real-life examples, and actionable tactics and advice from indie hackers, makers, and creators to help you build successful products online.


kriskay · 162d ago

AR app for organizing & annotating educational resources (files, code, links), then browsing them via a 3D data visualization.

defternotes.com · 166d ago

Defter Notes: Digital papers and spaces on your iPad. https://defternotes.com

kriskay · 162d ago

I am having trouble imagining what your product does just from the description. To me "digital papers" means scientific research papers and "digital spaces" means online social environments (like VRChat or spatial.chat). So the description can definitely be interpreted in a number of different ways.

defternotes.com · 168d ago

https://defternotes.com Defter Notes: Gesture based, handwritten note taking and free-floating organizing app for iPad.

NFT-gal · 168d ago

Just looking at the website now, I don't see "gesture-based" ... what do you mean by this and "free floating"

Taking my queue from jun-s below...

Keywords: Note-taking, iPad, gesture-based.

Output: Defter Notes is a gesture-based notes app for the iPad.

jun-s · 168d ago

:) Looks good! Nice simplifications. Am also curious about free-floating and handwritten and gesture based.

defternotes.com · 168d ago

The thing about "free-floating" is it's realistically moveable as in real paper.. Maybe something like "Defter Notes: Take digital handwritten notes on your iPad, just like real paper."

jun-s · 168d ago

So this is more of a canvas that you can write on? Perhaps...

Defter Notes is an open canvas for your notes, built for iPad users.

defternotes.com · 168d ago

Thank you for the feedback, I gather that it should be even simpler. Would you say "gesture based" sounds too technical jargon?

arthtyagi · 170d ago


Find devs to work or network with and cool projects to build together with other devs easily.

Short version : Helps you network with devs and build projects.

jeremyravenel · 171d ago

https://www.naas.ai/ is an opensource cloud engine to access data, automation and AI easily with lowcode templates.

kwakutabiri · 171d ago

Hit us with your best shot!

https://swoove.delivery -
1. Order fulfilment logistics for small businesses in Africa


2. Logistics Automation for African Businesses


3. Enabling African Trade. Continental order fulfilment logistics for small businesses in Africa.

joannecooper · 171d ago

Learn songs quickly and easily on guitar by singing and playing along to chords and lyrics that scroll in time with the music https://www.playiit.com/