Pioneers helping other Pioneers
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I'm wondering if anyone else is going to the trouble to help out or refer business and customers to other Pioneer companies or everyone is playing this super competitively? I've just started doing it this week and as an experiment I mentioned it.

The bigger question is, how would you guys rate importance/weight in the weekly voting from doing so? is it something you guys give some positive to consideration for? I'm going to do it anyway (even if someone higher than me gets ahead) but we don't get very much space to put all the noteworthy things we do each week ;)

PS Big shoutout to Romain also from who probably spent around a day just advising and looking into us when he didn't have to also :) this should be the spirit of this whole thing btw. Looking forward to checking out your product and implementing your suggestions when we have time to breathe after our next event · 568d ago

I'll refer anybody who I know would be interested in a particular Pioneer project, and I'll upvote any fellow Pioneer launching on ProductHunt, etc.

SamStowers · 562d ago

I've made referrals where possible, but I've started being more cautious about doing so since some of the Pioneers I helped didn't end up following through, thereby damaging the relationship I referred them with. · 556d ago

Sam's point is a good one.

When I first started on Pioneer I offered to have a fellow player's product pitched to a 5,000+ member association's board I was on at the time (I have since left that board after my 3 year term expired in June).

The individual (who ultimately became a Pioneer) in question was a nice guy, but never followed up, even after I put it out there twice. The project is currently now below the top 50. They could have easily had another 100-200 test customers (or more) for free.

But will their lack of follow-through make me hesitant to give referrals to other promising players? Absolutely not.

You can call it Karma, the Golden Rule or Newton's 3rd Law - it all reinforces the concept of treating your community at least as good as how you would like to be treated. It has an impact on the shared environment we are all operating in, regardless of whether or not the individual follows through or not.

Having said that, we are all human and I've felt the sting Sam refers to above many times.

easonchai · 568d ago

I am having trouble finding customers & testers as:
1. My friends/family are not part of the target market, making it hard to get feedback
2. Established groups & communities totally just ignore small players (in my case, I am a nobody starting from scratch)

It makes it very difficult for me to grow my idea/get feedback so Pioneer is the only spot where I get to do that every week. From what I've seen, I don't think the people here are competing against each other. The feedback I've received are amazing. I would definitely love business help and would do the same for others whenever I can.

Trybal.Network · 568d ago

I'm not really big in networking but I referred a project from pioneer to the designer of our new design recently.

rodneyroskruge · 568d ago


I have only had one voting opportunity. And I found the constructive criticism question very good and needed.

I have shared what I think would help, pointed out missing links, and added questions for possible follow-ups.

Which I would appreciate too. As it will create a great feedback loop and a sense of more accountability. · 568d ago

that's just the normal ask for feedback. I'm talking about business help i.e. bringing them customers or referring them other business :) and btw welcome aboard!

rodneyroskruge · 568d ago


I am new on that one. It would be great to get such assistance.