What does PMF feel like for Pioneers?
Shared by Gabi · 274d ago · 8 comments

You can always feel when product/market fit is not happening...And you can always feel product/market fit when it is happening.

What are pioneers feeling when they think they are onto PMF? What metrics are you caring about and what does this look like for you in your project?

oras · 273d ago

Not there yet but I like the definition of Kevin Hale (YC Partner):
"If you can sleep at night, you don't have PMF" :)

coryz · 272d ago

That is awesome.

estebanvargas · 273d ago

With my previous startup we were 2xing MRR every month and we were getting tons of word of mouth. That's the closest I've felt in my life to PMF.

A definition that I like a lot (if you're in B2B and you're early) is: 20% of pilots convert to revenue and you have word of mouth.

jun-s · 273d ago

cool. what caused the decline / what was the product?

manojranaweera · 273d ago

For me, it would be when we reach £100k MRR or £1m ARR. We have such a long way to go, I am not really bothered about it.

My focus is achieving Problem/Solution fit for https://skilledup.life

The whole PMF argument is very subjective.

Sandy-ONeill · 273d ago

I'm also super curious about this... I'm nowhere near, but would be interesting to know the moment Pioneers started to feel that PMF level.