Hiring and Work in Web3
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Pyme is the hiring marketplace for web3.

On Pyme you can:

1. Hire workers in web3 for free
2. Contracts secured by smart contract
3. Workers get paid instantly and earn an NFT per project
4. Workers build a profile of NFTs showing their work history.

The world needs Pyme:

1. Current marketplaces charge up to 20% to the hirer and 20% to the worker.
2. Getting paid takes up to two weeks for workers.
3. Current platforms profiles are based off of marketing, not a proven work history (in the form of an NFT)
4. Web3 hiring right now is done disparately on discords and twitter.

Upvote us and support us in making hiring in web3 better.

kendsouza · 112d ago

Have you talked to any employers who want to pay wages in crypto instead of fiat? are employees willing to accept a highly volatile MATIC? ..NFT for work history??(what does it mean)
Also paying wages in crypto would be illegal in a lot of places including the US.
So how do you scale on this other than a few crypto freaks.

pyme.team · 111d ago

27 million as you call them "crypto freaks" in the US hold crypto...you may be behind the curve on this one. NFT for work history - a better resume. Nothing illegal at all, we have companies about to onboard with us and have legal advisors in place. $1.5T is the size of the freelancer market globally and growing, I think thats big enough for scale. Plus, before the next update, people will be able to get paid in stable coins so no risk of volatility.

kendsouza · 111d ago

You never answered the gist of the questions. Fiverr is the big game for freelancers. They were experimenting with bitcoins but stopped accepting bitcoins because it was not neither feasible nor legal. And you can easily look up a freelancers's work history, reviews etc.

So you need to do a little bit more research...anybody can talk the talk. NFT for work history..how??..'Stable coins' ??

And really?.. the person who hires a freelancer wants to deal with gas fees, wallets, volatility, nft's, legal hurdles etc etc..when I can just post on fiverr for a freelancer..must be a crypto freak:)

NFT's , cryptos have their use cases..not what you are visualizing.
So who are the 'companies' willing to onboard with you who wants to make the task of hiring ..more complicated:)

AndyDent-Touchgram · 111d ago

NFT for work history - a better resume.

So a blockchain entry as a hash of the resume at some point in time. The resume, I presume, is a digital document stashed somewhere and the only thing better about it is that theoretically someone can use the checksum to guard against tampering. Unless you're providing amalgamation of all the other items on the resume, the NFT for this project is pretty meaningless. Once people have more than a few projects under their belt, no recruiter or employer wants to see everything listed. So that's far from a better resume technology.

Streamlining paying by crypto may have some appeal but I wouldn't bother with the resume argument.

pyme.team · 111d ago

Its way simpler. A worker completes a job, earns an NFT. A hirer can see what projects they have worked on backed by the NFT as proof they did the work. We love it and so do the companies in web3 working with us. We believe its a far better way to hire.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 111d ago

So as you say you have web3 companies already working with you, is the platform up? Where are the NFTs stored?

manojranaweera · 99d ago

Sounds great. If you need free talent (we have 4,695) to build your two sided marketplace, do give us a shout. Pricing starts from £300/year and all talent is free.

ashwinsk · 111d ago

As a freelancer myself, I think regardless of the medium of how an agreement gets validated, it still comes down to how many people will actually adopt your platform. Volatility and uncertainty are two things freelancers strive not to have as many probably don't have the time or resources to do all the conversions/taxes/etc (assuming you're instant payment solution is through MATIC).

In the case of getting paid via stable coins, I can vouch for that. But the adoption rate is still in its nascent stages and won't really help anyone out now. It most certainly has to be converted into fiat. This is just a convenience issue for now. Hopefully this route will benefit you in the future.

Finally coming to the NFTs. Since all transactions are anyways freely available on the blockchain and each work is assumed to be non-recurring, the list of transactions for completed works should be sufficient for proof of work. NFTs are also subject to minting and gas fees which fluctuate wildly over time which can prove to be a problem for many operating on slim margins.

As mentioned, if you could explain more on your concept with respect to how its better than the traditional way of doing things, you should be fine.

pyme.team · 111d ago

Thanks for the feedback. We totally agree that we are in the nascent stages of web3 and mass crypto adoption yet we are building a community for the long term. The hirer pays the gas (currently at $0.06 per completed project) and multi currency options are coming in the next week to have more than MATIC to avoid volatility concerns.

We added NFTs as an element to the transactions of work so workers can build a profile, in the future hirers can customise to match branding and to create a fun visual element, a key part of web3.

We updated our description on the original post as I don't think we were that clear. Current platforms have extortionate fees for both hirer and worker, have long payout times and there is no proof of ability to complete a project.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 111d ago

How do the NFTs work? Where are they stored that provides the ongoing verification?