Ledokku - deploy your apps within seconds
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VIDEO DISCLAIMER : watch it on 2x and have a quick glimpse in seamless ui, app deployment logs running in front of you and voila the overview of your apps in dashboard.

Blazing fast, cheap, open source deployment based on dokku.

API and Client repos available here :

With us you will be able to deploy apps written in:
- node.js,
- php,
- ruby
- and many more.

And link them with wide most popular dbs :
- postgresql,
- mongodb,
- redis.

Just few clicks in within and your app is live :
- Login with github
- Link your cloud provider (Digital Ocean, AWS or other)
- Create server
- Create and link your db (PostgreSQL, mongoDB, redis)
- Link your custom domain
- App is live
Comparison with current competition :

- Ledokku vs Heroku/Render : we are cheaper, more control over servers

- Ledokku vs Zeit : we have dbs and can run docker containers and are not limited to serverless

Built with :
Prisma △

Team members:
Ondrej Barta (https://twitter.com/@bartaxyz on Twitter)
Leo Pradel (https://twitter.com/@bartaxyz@leopradel on Twitter)
Arturs Kirtovskis (https://twitter.com/@bartaxyz@akirtovskis on Twitter)

sunim · 814d ago

Sold on the dashboard. Looks neat and seamless. Would love to try if you guys work on it more

stefanontheinternet · 814d ago

This looks great! I really like the simplicity of the interface.

josefran · 814d ago

This is something I have been looking for a long time!

hiro-feb-n · 814d ago


dumbledore-576237 · 814d ago

What languages will this support?

spock-108826 · 814d ago

As dokku is running on top of docker and buildpacks (as Heroku), I would say almost all of them :)
But to get an idea of an exhaustive list: Ruby, NodeJS, Closure, Python, Java, Python, PHP, Go are the official supported plugins. But there are also community buildpacks to run Rust and other languages too.

deliverator-544575 · 814d ago

This is intriguing! How well does it handle scaling?

spock-108826 · 814d ago

Since we use Dokku internally, it scales actually pretty well. For now, Dokku is running on a single node only (but still you can handle millions of requests without any problems).
Dokku is planning to add support for Kubernetes, soon you will be able to run your app in cluster of nodes.

bhargava25 · 814d ago

This look great and simple but does it make any difference from existing solutions

spock-108826 · 814d ago

In contrast to services like Heroku or Render, ledokku is open-source, much cheaper (for 5$/month you get multiple apps and multiple dbs deployed to the same server), and everything is running on your own server :)

bionic-hra · 814d ago

Sweet! Liked the dashboard.

@olddd · 814d ago

Yes you could say that, similarly as Zeit, Heroku and Render we aim for seamless user experience. Feel free to ask if you have more questions :)

valm · 814d ago

Can you include in the description how you are different from those services and also AWS Amplify?

@olddd · 814d ago

Thanks for feedback, documentation is updated.

rishi_t · 814d ago

Interested. Have you taken inspiration from Zeit?