's progress update - July 4th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps you consolidate & organize your photos/videos across services/devices to share and relive experiences with family & friends

What are your KPIs?
Launch MVP2
Goal: 100% by July 31st
Current: 49% (Last week: 35%)
Media cataloged (import/upload) in GreatAlbum
Goal: 4,000 by July 31st
Current: 3074 (Last week: 3074)
Beta users + waiting list members
Goal: 1,500 by July 31st
Current: 1084 (Last week: 1061)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Beta6 sprint 75% done
GreatAlbum app site redesign 100% done
Media recognition engine 50% done
Demo video v5
1 Blog post

Beta6 sprint 49% done
GreatAlbum app site redesign 95% done
Media recognition engine 40% done
Skydive on family vacation!
Journal & KPIs

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Beta6 sprint 80% done
GreatAlbum app site design 100%
GreatAlbum app site design implementation 25%
Media recognition engine 70% done
Demo video v5
1 Blog post

What would you like feedback on from the community? home/blog site demo1 demo2

Project website · 448d ago

Great progress, well done. The website is good and has clear and concise information but could use more prominent calls to action. One other thing I would focus on is the value proposition - make it clear what problem you are solving (the pain) and why your solution (the pain killer) is better than all others in the market. Make it clear why I NEED GreatAlbum, rather than it being a nice to have. Good luck! · 448d ago

Wow! Amazing progress!!! Plus, I know you're on vacation :D (Hope it's going well). Now time to check those videos/links...
Pitchdeck - still laden with text (guest you're committed to that
Demo2 - Seema did great, but if you look at the link you'll notice "Album" is not visible at video resolution unless you expand

Either way, this is an awesome project I can't wait to see in user hands ASAP. Great job! · 448d ago

Wow great update! Looked through your pitchdeck, some thoughts:
1. Background picture in the first slide is great, I would even let it stand for itself.
2. Slide 3-7: to crowded, maybe you could slim it down by using smaller text and less colors/pictures. · 448d ago

This is awesome. Great work!

When a photo has been auto organize, do you plan on making it shareable with a link? · 448d ago

For me -- photo organizing is all about how to make it easier to sort -- by place, face/friend, etc. I take so many photos, I never really go back through them -- so anythign to help surface more interesting memories, I would try. · 448d ago

Great product. I think you can launch on Betalist or Product hunt. It could give you not only users and customers, but also attention from VCs.

ShopEG-AI · 448d ago

Hey guys,
Good job on the progress.
That looks like a great skydiving experience, I was hoping that was a greatalbum link ;)
I always wondered why you guys choose drupal?
Good luck!

MIDDLENET · 448d ago

love this, your progress is great, any cost attached in using it? You should consider changing the font used on the landing page · 448d ago

Love the progress from the previous week, those are some serious numbers!

The project itself sounds very handy. Though I questioned myself how different it would be from Google Photos which already is my primary photo storage.

Side note: I would love an app that would help clear the clutter in Google Photos and delete duplicates (and save on my storage!)