Pioneer Founders Chat
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I would be honored to learn more about the founder journeys of founders here, I started a podcast where I have founders on Startup Couches Podcast to talk about the product you are building. You can pick a convenient time here

Sal · 17d ago

This looks interesting. What was the impetus to start this podcast and do you expect to do this long term? Seems the podcast space is becoming purely a survivor's market.

Also, is there a link we could check out to the podcast itself? Cheers!

NFT-gal · 17d ago

Love this! Good luck, will be listening.

miriamdorsett · 17d ago

THIS. NAME. IS. FIRE. YAAAASSSSSS!!!!! So here for this.

manojranaweera · 12d ago

Hi Lotanna

Would love to chat about, especially as we have few volunteers from Ghana. I'll connect you on Linkedin first before jumping straight into the podcast.

goodnesskayode · 15d ago

I already chosen a date. Thanks for sharing