How to Win Pioneer by #1 For Weeks On Leaderboard RoboFlow
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braddwyer · 10d ago

Currently on a 100-week streak in the top 5.

kendsouza · 10d ago

That's wonderful! Congratulations Brad & Roboflow!

Slouischarles · 9d ago

Good job! I'm guessing that translates to success with your business? What are some of your highlights of success outside Pioneer?

braddwyer · 9d ago

The most publicly visible one so far is raising a seed round:

But funding is just a tool to move faster; helping users, growing usage & revenue, and building a team are the real highlights. Stay tuned :)

coryz · 8d ago

tuned af

Slouischarles · 9d ago

Awesome. Please keep us posted.

manojranaweera · 10d ago

"We never publish goals that are governed by forces outside of our control."

I am totally the opposite. I actually talk about problems and why we have not reached a particular target. No wonder I am not a gamer!

Slouischarles · 9d ago

Well, maybe you should try and change strategies.

manojranaweera · 9d ago

No. This way I get help and suggestions for solving real issues. Not just pretended issues. That's more valuable than hitting No 1.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 8d ago

Manoj, this snarky reply is not worthy of you nor does Brad deserve it.
I clip all the status reports & feedback I give, so was quickly able to skim the 7 occasions on which I've seen Roboflow's reports.
In each one of them, there was a very simple, detailed breakdown of what they aimed to accomplish and summary by number of what had been done in the previous week.
Not one of them looked like a pretended issue and I've just made a note to change my style next week.

manojranaweera · 8d ago

Hi Andy

It was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment. However, I did acknowledge later in the thread to Slouischarles' that it does make sense to report inputs rather than just the outputs.

It's remarkable how you track the feedback you give. Do you use a CRM for this? Or just Notes on Macbook or something simple? Well done by the way.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 8d ago

I have an Evernote page for each week's feedback I give. I just copy the person's report and paste it in, as well as my comments. Evernote's Simplify Formatting results in a clean piece of text. I can then search the Pioneer notebook with, eg: "intitle:Given roboflow" to see any feedback I've given that contained roboflow.

The main reason I do this is to simplify giving feedback where I'm not repeating an impression from previous weeks. Often, someone's page won't change for weeks. (I'm guilty of that with Touchgram whilst I'm working on the core of the current release. Until it's through Apple and live on the store, I'm not updating the site with confusingly different screenshots.)

Slouischarles · 9d ago

Actually, when people make OKR's and KPI's they follow this rule as well. They focus on inputs that hopefully lead to the outcome they want. If it doesn't, they change the input. You can tell someone to get you 250 volunteers and put that as a goal which is fine but you can also put contact 1500 through email and LinkedIN people to get 250 which is the same but a bit more tangible. That's the way I interpret it at least. Same result but with defined input to get there.

sole-fields · 8d ago

Am a big fan of the input over output approach to KPIs / OKRs.

manojranaweera · 9d ago

I can see your point. Well made!

John · 9d ago

I love how actionable the suggestions are & can't wait to incorporate them this week - this was super useful OP!

Slouischarles · 9d ago

Thank Brad from Roboflow. It's a good way to get things done as well.

Sal · 10d ago

A classic.

sole-fields · 8d ago

The Casablanca of Pioneer-related blog posts, really.

miriamdorsett · 6d ago

Thank you for the tips!