We just launched - Kindly send us your feedback
Shared by damilareololade · 178d ago · 2 comments

We launched our product landing page yesterday and I would like to get your feedback.

Swift Finance is a digital banking platform that helps business owners save money, get quick loans, and also manage their income.

NB: We are launching an MVP (web app) in a few weeks, the app will allow our users to do only one thing which is "Save Money" on the platform. As time goes on, we will roll out other features on the app.

We are also launching in Nigeria for a start, felt I had to also point that out. Thanks, I would be anticipating your honest feedback.


Sendoff · 175d ago

Congrats on the launch. Took a very quick look at your website and a couple of comments:

-This is a good first step but you need to tigten up significantly as a fintech. Theres a bit of a dicsonnect between graphics wording and panel spacing. Way too much white space.

- Spelling erros in your "Do so much more" panel. Shaddy and thefts

- You need to be much clearer on your value prop, why wouldnt I just use a bank?

This is not to be negative, Fintechs have a harder barrier to clear. Especially Naija fintechs.

manojranaweera · 177d ago

Did you say Nigeria? It's fast becoming my favourite country. Never been there. But the Nigerians seem to love www.skilledup.life


All the best with your launch.