Added 7 daily active users in 7 days
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I have 3 important updates:

1) I onboarded 2 teams that reached out through my Twitter DMs and one of them invited 7 of his coworkers. This team has collectively logged +11 hours inside voice rooms in the last 24 hours :O (the other has invited one coworker)

2) We've just shipped our new landing page that's for our launch on June 20th: (what do you think?)

3) Today I released video chat support beta and the feedback has been positive so far!

As a smaller update: I shipped some nice quality improvements to our screen share (+%10 better quality and ~%40 less latency)

sole-fields · 165d ago

This is a superb landing page. The one bit I don't understand is "Missing half of async text chat." And not sure how that relates to the sub-header: "Magic happens at the sweet spot where deep work meets continuous collaboration with bright minds." I wonder if there's a simpler way you can express this.

At the very least, I'd make it "_The_ missing half of async text chat."

mo · 165d ago

Thank you!
Yes! You’re the second person to point that out about the missing “the” (lol)
The point is async text communication for remote work is great for team alignment but it fails at team connection, impomptu conversations, rapid collaboration, fighting isolation, etc and Noor really pairs well with any text chat app you use, especially if you use an async one you feel the need for Noor even more.

Sandy-ONeill · 165d ago

Small typo! "Share your work instantely." => "instantly"

This is a really strong landing page. Love the animations and 3D models. Where did you find (or how did you build) those?

mo · 165d ago

Thanks for spotting it!
The link to the illustrations are in the footer ;)

coryz · 165d ago

this is fantastic, well done

mo · 165d ago


manojranaweera · 161d ago

Excellent progress. Well done.