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This week, let's try to focus on delivering constructive feedback rather than trying to tear eachother down. I have only been on here for 2 weeks... I am a solopreneur and I am pretty impressed with the progress of my start-up for only have been at if for a few weeks...

I don't feel like the phrases "I hate it" OR "It looks cheap" are constructive in any way. I'm not sure why fellow Pioneers would spread such negativity... but it almost makes me feel like I do not want to spend my time participating in the feedback section. But maybe that's what some of this tournaments competitors want you to feel? I don't know... I'm here to make new friends and business connections and to spread love, light and good karma.

Thanks guys!

Carina · 30d ago

It is terrible to hear that you have received that kind of feedback. Everyone can have their own opinion but we are here to help eachother out. #solopreneursFTW

MNM · 29d ago

Thanks Carina! Perhaps Pioneer could implement a mandatory crash course in business etiquette showcasing the difference between constructive and deconstructive criticism... In the meantime, it's up to us to maintain our standards and try to raise the vibration of the platform. We're all here learning and growing together and putting in this extra effort to prosper and encourage one another to build wealth and abundance. I've been meeting a lot of people on here with like-minded mindsets too which is awesome! You won't find them trolling! Lol They're too busy actually doing the work!

gabrielbarbabela · 41d ago

Hey, I'm also a solopreneur, and I haven't got any harsh feedback.

Remember, it's not about you. Put your ego aside and take it, because your customers will probably think and not tell you.

It's fine to have something bad when you start, it's actually a great thing that this is how you are doing it.

Let people criticize as much as they can, as long as you convert that into improvements, customers/users and so on.

Answer with your results. · 38d ago

True! Criticism, especially at a early stage is extremely important and also the ability to react and engage with it in a fast way. Sometimes you have to throw something out and it kinda hurts, but it's not a mistake it's experience and learned things.

rishikowlessar · 35d ago

I certainly agree with you, we are here to become leaders, we are here to learn and grow. But some are only here for 20k lol. I have given 20 feedbacks since i started 2 weeks ago and I have never attempted to discourage anyone. Its pointless because everyone's project is different. But i have given some really good suggestions to help projects grow faster. I am qualified in marketing so sharing my marketing knowledge refreshes me. · 38d ago

I don't know what feedback gave you other pioneers, but if multiple people make the same point it might be right and you should consider taking notes. The product you build is not for you, it's for your customers, and sometimes you like one thing over the others but if your customers want something you should give it to them. Don't take feedback personally and hire a designer! Cheers!

MNM · 37d ago

Thank you for your feedback. If you had taken a look at my site before telling me to hire a designer you would see that I am an artist. My website reflects my style. I didn't create it in hopes that it would tickle everyone's fancy. And anyone who comes from a place of trying to appease everyone will surely exhaust themselves shortly. I believe in quality over quantity. I do not expect any of the simpletons here on Pioneer to vibe with my style and that's ok.

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INSTASTARS Team · 36d ago

So you want the criticism only if you agree with it? That's not how it works.

MNM · 36d ago

As I stated in my OG post, constructive criticism is appreciated. Deconstructive [profanity and name calling especially] has no place on a professional platform.

atsuhiroteshima · 43d ago

I can understand you feel bad about offensive words from other members, but I think you can get some insight from that. I read a blog post about an entrepreneur who was invested by Pioneer and he stated that at first, he was only receiving negative feedback, like "I cannot understand your service" or else. However, he continuously improve the sites based on the feedback and after weeks or a month, he started receiving only good feedback. So, it is true that some members send offensive feedback, but you can still put those words in memory and improve your site accordingly.

Then, even when you sometimes see negative feedback, you don't need to care about them anymore, because you are receiving more positive feedback at the time.

atsuhiroteshima · 43d ago
MNM · 43d ago

Thanks for the link. I will take a look at this. I understand what you are saying, to be an alchemist and to turn a negative into a positive. I have been transmuting negativity to be the fire under my arse for most of my life! Lol However, I expect a certain level of professionalism when connecting with others thru a business platform. And I shouldn't have to be expected to tolerate deconstructive criticism or hateful comments.

There is a significant difference between the two: Constructive criticism is criticism given with a compassionate and helpful attitude while destructive criticism is criticism given with the intention to harm or insult someone. IMHO If players in this tournament are unable to conduct themselves in a professional and positive manner, then they probably shouldn't be here. · 41d ago

I completely agree with you, and too am a solopreneur. I have brought this up on frontier in an effort to give a hint to those that, if they were thinking of communicating their gut feeling that 'I should get a new designer' (which would mean replacing myself), that they could follow up with at least one specific point to say what aspect of the site was letting it down.

What you get instead though, is people responding to your post here to say that you should just suck it up. If someone is going to feed back on my site, I see it as fair to give feedback on the feedback, directly, or as a general comment here. That way it could improve and we could all get to where we're going that fractional bit quicker. What's interesting is that they are unable to take their own medicine when you say that their feedback (that your site is shit) is shit.

Pioneer just doesn't have the systems in place to make feedback as good as it could be, imo. A lot of communities tend to descend into toxicity, it seems (e.g. stackoverflow). I wouldn't say that Pioneer is particularly toxic, but it's a slippery slope. Negativity breeds negativity, after all, especially if there's nothing to put the breaks on it. The unconstructive, negative feedback you received will increase the likelihood that you'll leave negative, unconstructive feedback for someone else.

I think they should push the idea of the 'praise sandwich', or make downvoting purely negative feedback more costly or consequential. A box for negative (optional) and a box for what to do about it, as an example (mandatory if anything negative is added)? I don't know.

MNM · 41d ago

Hi Thanks for your input! Did someone actually use that term? That is not professional conduct by any means. Using profanity is abusive and should be brought to the Pioneer Team's attention.

Everyone should try to be a little more compassionate. These are start-ups and we've all started somewhere. Yes, I have been a little taken back by the toxicity since joining this platform. I was so excited to show off my new project! I didn't realize I was throwing my baby to the wolves to tear apart! :/

Regardless, no, I would never let other people's opinions (feedback) lower my frequency by stooping to that level of inconsiderate mannerism. Although, I completely understand what your saying - vibes are contagious, so it's important to stay aware of where your at. This is not my first start-up. I have sunk many times in the past. I don't perceive them as failures, but rather as learning experiences. If I had joined Pioneer during one of those prior start-ups, I probably would have just tanked and not have had the desire or will to pick myself back up, or the drive to try again by actually implementing all of the lessons learned into my next go-around. There is not a single successful business owner who hasn't failed a few times prior to achieving great success. The media just makes it look like it was an overnight success. But success isn't overnight, it's everyday you get a little bit better at your craft than the day before and it starts to add up.

So, that is why it is so important to try to be compassionate. We are all at different stages in our entrepreneurial journeys. We should view the opportunity to offer feedback to another player as a chance to step out of our ego and to offer them ideas on how to improve their project and inspire hope. This platform has the potential to be such an uplifting and empowering community of entrepreneurs, but I'm at the point right now where everytime I see a message from someone on here I'm like "Oh God... what now..." And it shouldn't be like that. I should be excited to hear from you guys! Keep vibin' high my friends!

Love, Light and Positive Vibes ONLY! · 41d ago

Oh no nobody has used that kind of language in their feedback, it's just my summary of what they're implying by saying 'I hate it' or 'get a new designer'. It fact in some ways it would be more honest :D What would be good would be to say 'it's shit, but here's what you can do about it...'

atsuhiroteshima · 41d ago

Downvoting sounds like a good idea

MNM · 41d ago

We're here to Connect, Reflect, Inspire & Improve! So if you've got any hate, please keep it on your plate! Cuz we already ate! :) Lol Keep vibin' high my friends!

Love, Light and Positive Vibes ONLY!

rishikowlessar · 35d ago

thanks for making me laugh lol.....was reading and wasnt going to actually comment, but i was forced to lol.....i started two weeks ago and I've given 20 feedbacks so far, i believe in motivating people to reach for the stars if they could, I've provided a lot of suggestions especially from a marketing prospective as i am qualified in marketing. I dont believe in degrading people's projects or demotivating anyone. Everyone has an ambition, and are knowledgeable in different fields, most times are different from the person reviewing their project spec. I'm into marketing and someone else might be qualified in development. So if i could help the developer or guide him in the right direction with regards to marketing or PR or any other knowledge i may have then i certainly would. · 33d ago

Hey Rishi, I saw this post, thought you might have skills that I obviously don't, then the one you just added prompted me to write. I'm looking for angles on how to chisel into this ESL industry that I've taken on. I'm an insider, been teaching for 15 years, know it well, but there's a weird psychology going on, I'm suspecting... Wondering if you might have some inspiration when it comes to marketing to a dogmatic, established, self-certain industry? Thanks!

rishikowlessar · 33d ago

One of the best ways to address "dogmatic, established and self-certain" views is through research data. You'll need a holistic view and market research would certainly solve some of your biggest challenges. Blogs could work, but it raises a lot of arguments and people tend to stray off course. So to do battle you'll need to apply both qualitative and quantitative methodology in your research questionnaire. Thats would in no doubt be your biggest weapon.

This research data will help you examine your value proposition and understand your customer segment. It would also be useful in your promotional and advertising strategies. Trust me when i say this, EVERYTHING has a market out there. Do not allow yourself to become demotivated by negative views. If you believe in something strongly weaponize yourself and go after it in a "SMART" way.

Now i'm only giving this advice based on limited information lol.......You got this

MNM · 33d ago

:) Hey! So happy to connect with like-minded people to learn from and collaborate with! I totally agree! We all have different talents and expertise to contribute and experiences to learn from! Feel free to drop a few gems in my DM! Lol

rishikowlessar · 33d ago

heyyy, any way I can help or be of service, dont hesitate, yuh never know, the only DM i know on this platform is this blog i missing something? loll

MNM · 41d ago

And it's not "hurting my ego", but it does cross my boundaries. Perhaps you haven't encountered it, or perhaps you should raise your standards with regards to the way you let people talk to you. Idk

MNM · 41d ago

Let's agree to disagree. You are lucky not to have run into offensive or spiteful feedback. These are irrelevant hateful comments that have no place on a business forum. When it does happens to you - you will know. And then you will remember this convo. Good luck.

jordanonuoha · 34d ago

I think you should report this to Pioneer because I can understand how these types of feedback will affect your score.

manojranaweera · 44d ago

If you don't use the feedback question to ask feedback, you have no right to expect feedback.

Have you used the feedback field before? What questions/help have you asked for?

I have no clue what It looks like a service business. I'm quite specific. I don't tend to provide feedback to those who are not building tech (product) companies. Sorry!